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What Oil Do You Use In A French Horn?

Does a French horn have a spit valve?

Like all brass instruments, the has some basic oiling and cleaning that is necessary to keep it running smoothly. Unlike a trumpet, the horn does not have water keys (“spit valves”), and you must drain condensation from the slides themselves.

Can rotor oil be used as valve oil?

Rotor oil is quite heavy. Do NOT use this oil on the main part (outside) of the valve, or it will gum up the action of the valve to where you can only play eighth notes and quarter notes. Regular should be squired into the valve slides. This will oil the valves themselves.

What can you use instead of valve oil?

Valve oil is a water based lubricant, so it won't hurt your instrument, but using oil or silicone based lubricants, like WD-40 or T-9, can eat away at the nickel in your instrument and cause serious damage. Buy synthetic Oil. I use a brand called Fat Cat. If they are stuck, use a penetrating oil like WD-40.

Can you use rotary oil on piston valves?

In general, rotary valve oil is thinner than piston valve oil, but thin piston valve oil like “Fast” can be used perfectly well on rotary valved instruments. The actual rotaries need thin oil, but all the other moving parts that make the rotary turn, need a slightly thicker “key” type of oil (called “spindle oil”).

Can valve oil kill you?

Can valve oil kill you? Valve oil contains toxic chemicals that may lead to cancer. Many trumpet players have already died from cancer, esp. Using Valve OIL in your horns just may kill you!!!

Are rotary valves better than piston valves?

also produce a cleaner and more definite movement between notes, making them ideal for quick passages where each note needs to be heard clearly. Instead of moving up and down, the stock inside a Rotary Valve rotates through 90 degrees to redirect the air.

Can you use water instead of valve oil?

It's not a good alternative… But you can spit on the valves. That gives you like 15 minutes. I advise spending 5-10 dollars on valve oil though. Take water and blow it through your horn while moving the valves, in an outdoor setting in the summer it works better and longer than any oil I've tried.

Can you use olive oil on trumpet valves?

Using WD-40, mineral oil, olive oil, or other oils found in your home are not recommended for oiling . Although it may be tempting to use these since they are typically easily accessible, it is wise to wait until you can buy proper valve oil. These home-remedies can severely damage a brass instrument.

Can you use Vaseline on trumpet valves?

Vaseline should never be used because it is corrosive to brass. Moving and greasing all slides and bottom caps once a month will help prevent slides and caps from sticking. Valve casings and tuning slide receivers can be cleaned more thoroughly by using a trumpet cleaning rod.

Can you use cooking oil on a trumpet?

No. Cooking oils can and will turn rancid, and will smell terrible, not to mention will significantly slow and/or damage your valves. Stick with petroleum oils or synthetics.

Can I use baby oil on my trumpet?

If they are stuck, use a penetrating oil like WD-40. Then pull them out and clean them. Then I'd probably use baby oil for lube. But 3-in-1 oil is fine too.

How often should I oil my trumpet valves?

If you're playing a trumpet, you'll want to oil your valves every time that you play, or at least three times a week. Coat the entire valve in valve oil, after first clearing away any debris that may have built up on it. Keep your valve slides airtight by applying slide grease.

What can I use instead of slide grease?

pure lanolin (best)/tuning slide grease (good)/Vaseline or petroleum jelly (good in a pinch)-for lubricating tuning slides.

Can you use Vaseline as tuning slide grease?

“NEVER use Vaseline in place of slide grease. This will corrode your trumpet.” “Vaseline will work too, but be sure that it is non-acidic.”

Can Vaseline be used as slide grease?

Keep Tuning Slides Greased As a general rule of thumb, don't use Vaseline or any other type of petroleum jelly on the tuning slides- they'll corrode the tubes and can cause seizing of the slides. Only use slide grease that's created specifically for brass instruments.

Is there a difference between cork grease and slide grease?

Re: Trumpet slide grease for clarinet cork ? So long as it doesn't contain petroleum jelly or other petroleum based ingredients, it should be fine. La Tromba cork grease can be used on tuning slides – it used to say ‘Slide and cork grease' on the tubs, now it only says ‘cork grease'.

Can you use cork grease as lube?

Cork grease is a lubricant for woodwind and reed instruments such as saxophones, clarinets, bassoons, and oboes. Cork grease is used on these seals to ease and lubricate instrument assembly, avoiding damage to the cork and the instrument's barrel.

Can I use cork grease on a trumpet?

Provides good bearing surface and mobility for trumpet, cornet, french horn, baritone, sax neck, rear tuning slide of trombone. Cork Grease: To be used on the cork joints of clarinets, and on the sax neck cork to assure long cork like and ease the assembly of clarinet joints and mouthpieces.