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How Much Area In India Is Forest?

Source: Forest Survey of India, Dehradun. State of Forest Report (2019). Volume 1….Forest Cover in States/UTs in India in 2019.

How many forests are in a hectare?

​Queensland has the largest area of Australia’s forest (51.8 million hectares—39% of Australia’s forest), with the Northern Territory (23.7 million hectares—18%), Western Australia (21.0 million hectares—16%)​, and New South Wales (20.4 million hectares—15%), making up much of the balance.

What is the total forest area?

1,025 sq. km.

Which state of India has highest forest cover?

Madhya Pradesh

Which state is called the sugar bowl of India?

Top 5 states having highest forest cover as a percentage of total geographical area:

Which state has highest forest percentage?


Which is the greenest state in India?

Indian states ranking by safety of women

Which state is safest for girl in India?

As of 2019,. Delhi had the highest crime rate (incidence of crime per 100,000 population) among all States of India at 1586.1, rising steeply from 1342.5. Barring Kerala(1287.7), all other states and union territories had a significantly lower crime rate.

Which is dangerous city in India?

Northeast India has consistently had the lowest incidence of crime, with four out of five of the least crime-prone states being from the region. Nagaland has continued to have the lowest registered crime rate (83.2 per lakh population) in the country, although it rose from 44.