How Much Is A 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor?

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The starting price for your own official Eleanor Mustang is $189,000 and the price can climb to almost $300,000, which might sound like a lot for what, at the end of the day, is a fake ’67 Shelby GT500.

Why is the 67 Mustang called Eleanor?

The “Eleanor” is something of a reinterpretation of the 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500 that was designed specifically for the movie by Steve Stanford and Chip Foose.

Where is the original Eleanor now?

Halicki was tragically killed in a stunt gone wrong while filming Gone in 60 Seconds 2 in 1989. His wife, Denise, kept Eleanor and it was last seen on display at the Petersen Museum in 2014. This Mustang is the only one to have a star title credit in a feature film. It’s a real-life hero car.

How much did the original Eleanor sell for?

Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission. ChromeCars did not list a price, but real Eleanor Mustangs have sold for as much as $1 million.

What did Eleanor sell for at Barrett Jackson?


Who built the first Eleanor?

Though not an original Shelby, the Eleanor Mustang was based on a 1967 Mustang fastback and was built by Cinema Vehicle Services with the help of legendary coachbuilder Chip Foose. Key features of the car are its central-mounted driving lights, pumped fender flares, and unique hood and trunk.

Who owns the copyright to Eleanor?

Denice Halicki

How fast is Eleanor Mustang?

Customers wishing to purchase an “Eleanor” will have their choice between the 535-horsepower FI Model, promising estimated top speeds of 172 mph and 4.90-second 0-60-mph quarter-mile times priced at $139,900, or the 770-horsepower FIS Model ($189,900) with a modified rear suspension.

Who makes Eleanor Mustang replicas?

Ford Motor Company

What motor was in the 67 Shelby GT500?

1967 Shelby GT500 and 1968 Cobra GT500

What is the top speed of a 1967 Mustang?

Rear-end ratios were 3.89-to-1 for the four-speed manual and 3.50-to-1 for the automatic. Acceleration was impressive, with a 0-to-60 time of around seven seconds and a top speed of 140 mph.

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