What Is Chief Joseph Most Famous For?

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Chief Joseph (1840-1904) was a leader of the Wallowa band of the Nez Perce , who became famous in 1877 for leading his people on an epic flight across the Rocky Mountains . ... It was Joseph who finally surrendered the decimated band to federal troops near the Canadian border in Montana.

What was Chief Joseph known for?

Chief Joseph, Native American name In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat, (born c. 1840, Wallowa Valley, Oregon Territory—died September 21, 1904, Colville Reservation, Washington, U.S.), Nez Percé chief who, faced with settlement by whites of tribal lands in Oregon, led his followers in a dramatic effort to escape to Canada .

Why is Chief Joseph important to American history?

The retreat of Chief Joseph is called the Nez Perce War. It is often considered one of the most masterful retreats in military history. With just 200 warriors, Chief Joseph managed to take his people 1,400 miles while fighting fourteen battles against the much larger and better equipped U.S. army.

How did Chief Joseph help create change in America?

He'd been one of the early Nez Perce leaders to convert to Christianity, and his influence had gone a long way toward establishing peace with his white neighbors. In 1855, he forged a new treaty that created a new reservation for the Nez Perce.

Why is Chief Joseph a hero?

Chief Joseph lived among the Nez Perce tribe. ... This Nez Perce chief still is a hero today because of his resiliency in fighting for what he knew was right . He was able to capture the hearts of his followers and of many Americans. Because of this there have been many schools, dams, and even hospitals named in his honor.

Did any Nez Perce make it to Canada?

Escape to Canada

During and following the Battle of the Bear's Paw Mountains, September 30-October 5, more than 200 Nez Perce men, women , and children managed to flee the camp attacked by Colonel Nelson A. Miles and make their way north some forty miles to cross the border into the British Possessions.

Did Chief Joseph speak English?

The accuracy of that transcription is in doubt; for one thing, Joseph did not speak English and whatever he said had to be translated. But Joseph later specified that he did say words which amounted to, “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more” (Joseph).

Why did Chief Joseph choose to surrender?

Chief Joseph's surrender to General Nelson A. Miles, October 5, 1877. ... As they began their journey to Idaho, Chief Joseph learned that a group of Nez Percé men, enraged at the loss of their homeland, had killed some white settlers in the Salmon River area . Fearing U.S. Army retaliation, the chief began a retreat.

How old is Chief Joseph?

On September 21, 1904, the Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph dies on the Colville reservation in northern Washington at the age of 64 .

Where is Chief Joseph?

Chief Joseph Died September 21, 1904 (aged 64) Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, United States Resting place Chief Joseph Cemetery Nespelem, Washington 48°10′6.72′′N 118°58′37.69′′WCoordinates: 48°10′6.72′′N 118°58′37.69′′W Other names In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat Chief Joseph Joseph the Younger Young Joseph

What did Chief Joseph want quizlet?

What were Chief Joseph's goals when presenting his speech? Peace between the settlers and the Native Americans, and to return peacefully to the Wallowa Valley . Which Native American Tribe did Chief Joseph lead?

Why did Chief Joseph give his speech?

PLOT SUMMARY. In his surrender speech, “I Will Fight No More Forever,” Chief Joseph confesses his own exhaustion and offers a list of the hardships that have befallen his people while attempting to escape the U.S. army. ... Chief Joseph gave the speech in early October after the Battle of the Bear Paw Mountains .

What was chief Joseph's tribal name?

Chief Joseph was a Nez Perce leader who led his tribe called the Wallowa band of Nez Perce through a treacherous time in United States history. These indigenous people were natives to the Wallowa Valley in Oregon. Chief Joseph was a powerful advocate for his people's rights to remain on their homeland.

Who did Chief Joseph fight for?

For more than three months, Chief Joseph led fewer than 300 Nez Perce Indians toward the Canadian border, covering a distance of more than 1,000 miles as the Nez Perce outmaneuvered and battled more than 2,000 pursuing U.S. soldiers.

What does Nez Perce mean?

The Nez Percé (/ˌnɛzˈpɜːrs/; autonym: Nimíipuu, meaning “ we, the people “) are an Indigenous people of the Plateau who are presumed to have lived on the Columbia River Plateau in the Pacific Northwest a region for at least 11,500 years.

How does Chief Joseph define freedom?

Intro: Chief Joesph defines freedom similarly to the constitution and the Declaration of Independence , but with one major flaw. He sees it as applying to all people of all nationalities in the United states.

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