What Is Cogcon2?

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COGCON 2: Deployment of 50-75% of Emergency Relocation Group continuity staff to alternate locations . Establish their ability to conduct operations and prepare to perform their organization’s essential functions in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

What continuity of government means?

Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

What is cogcons3?

COGCON 3 is a state of heightened readiness , with some government officials required to notify a Watch Office as to their location. During the U.S. State of the Union address, the COGCON is raised to this level and a cabinet member is the “Designated Survivor.”

Who qualifies for continuity of government?

§ 19). This runs from the Vice President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, President pro tempore of the Senate, and then through the Cabinet secretaries in a sequence specified by Congress. Continuity of government plans are not limited to the federal government .

What is continuity of government employees?

Continuity is a Federal initiative, required by Presidential Directive , to ensure that Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), are able to continue to perform their essential functions during disasters or incidents that threaten to disrupt normal operations, including: ...

What is continuity of care?

Continuity of care is concerned with quality of care over time . It is the process by which the patient and his/her physician-led care team are cooperatively involved in ongoing health care management toward the shared goal of high quality, cost-effective medical care.

Is DoD considered continuity of government?

POLICY. a. Comprehensive and effective continuity capabilities will be maintained within the DoD to ensure the uninterrupted execution of mission-essential functions (MEFs) and support continuity of operations (COOP), continuity of government (COG), and enduring constitutional government (ECG).

What are the phases of continuity implementation?

There are four phases of continuity operations: readiness and preparedness, activation, continuity operations, and reconstitution .

What is the pecking order for President?

No. Office Party 1 Vice President Democratic 2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Democratic 3 President pro tempore of the Senate Democratic 4 Secretary of State Democratic

What are national essential functions?

Definition. A set of government functions that are necessary to lead and sustain the country during a catastrophic emergency and must be supported through COOP and COG capabilities .

What are the four phases of continuity?

The Continuity Program Cycle is a four-step process: planning; tests, training and exercises; evaluations; and corrective action plans . The process is standardized to ensure consistency across all continuity programs.

What is continuity of operations means?

Continuity of Operations (COOP) is the initiative that ensures that Federal Government departments and agencies are able to continue operation of their essential functions under a broad range of circumstances including all-hazard emergencies as well as natural, man-made, and technological threats and national security ...

Is FEMA responsible for continuity of government?

Under the National Continuity Policy , FEMA has the responsibility to develop and promulgate continuity program and planning requirements for federal executive branch departments and agencies and develop and promulgate continuity planning guidance to state, local, territorial, and tribal government, nongovernmental ...

What are examples of continuity of care?

Some examples of processes related to continuity of care are transfer of information, patient assessment, and development of a discharge plan . “Outcome” refers to the results of patient interactions with health care professionals and services.

Why is continuity of care important?

Research has shown that continuity of care leads to patients being more likely to follow medical advice and utilize preventative care such as immunizations or cancer screening. Increased continuity of care by physicians is associated with lower mortality rates.

Which is the primary goal of continuity of care?

The goal is to maintain a consistent approach to care between nurses and to personalise care to the patient’s changing needs during an illness . Most continuity literature in nursing relates to discharge planning after acute care, 18 , 19 usually from hospital to community or self care.

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