What Is The Main Idea Of The Vampire Diaries?

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Summaries. The lives, loves, dangers and disasters in the town , Mystic Falls, Virginia. Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly torn between two vampire brothers. After centuries of quarreling, Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to their original town of Mystic Fall Virginia.

What is the moral of The Vampire Diaries?

And while the road towards epic love was rocky for nearly every character on the show, the ultimate lesson of the series seems to be that no one should ever give up on love , no matter how hard things get or how hopeless they seem.

Who is Damon and Elena’s daughter?

This article is about Stefanie Salvatore, the daughter of Damon and Elena. You may be looking for Stefan Salvatore, Stefanie’s uncle and namesake. Stefanie Rose Salvatore is a recurring character on Legacies as well as a guest character on The Originals.

Is vampire Diaries real story?

The real story didn’t take place in Virginia, but in Colorado . The Salvatore brothers were vampires, but they were both 30+ and neither would have passed for high schoolers. They did date high schoolers, but it was more creepy than adorable.

What can we learn from Damon Salvatore?

  • To Love Passionately. Love like it’s all you’ve got. ...
  • That it is Okay to Lose It Once In A While. ...
  • To Be Your Own Person. ...
  • To shut It Off. ...
  • To Be Weak and Vulnerable but Never Show It. ...
  • To Do the Eye Thing. ...
  • To Do Anything Possible to Protect the Ones You Love.

Does Stefan have a kid?

Stefan Salvatore and Valerie Tulle’s Unborn Child was a fetus that was first mentioned in Age of Innocence. This child was killed by Julian in 1863. In Stefan’s dream, he was an eleven year old boy named Jacob who was, seemingly, human.

Does Elena get pregnant in Legacies?

Stefan and Elena first meet.. ... Elena gets pregnant and After Elena told stefan elena and Stefan get married the little creature that grows in her belly NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

Is Lizzie Saltzman a doppelganger?

Elizabeth Saltzman is a doppelganger and I am very excited to see flashbacks of their life together.

Did Damon and Elena date in real life?

Delena fans were thrilled when it was revealed the co-stars were dating in real-life , eventually calling it quits in 2013 after three years together...just as Damon and Elena were finally getting together on the show.

Is Ian Somerhalder rich?

Net Worth: $12 Million Gender: Male Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.76 m) Profession: Model, Actor, Philanthropist Nationality: United States of America

Who ends up with who in Vampire Diaries?

Who does Elena end up with in the end of The Vampire Diaries? On the other hand, Elena goes on to marry Damon and lives a happy life with him. When she dies, Elena finds peace with her Aunt Jenna, mother Miranda, father Grayson, and Uncle John Gilbert.

How would you describe Damon Salvatore?

Damon is Stefan’s amoral, malevolent elder brother. ... Personality wise, Damon is described to be sinister, dangerous, generally unkind, uncaring, cold hearted, ruthless and unsympathetic . Some of Damon’s other basic personality traits include sadistic, unmerciful, remorseless, careless, cruel, arrogant and impulsive.

Why Damon Salvatore is the best?

But even after Elena left, Damon continued to become a better man . He grew so much in Seasons 7 & 8, owning up to all of his mistakes and helping Stefan move forward in his life. This is why Stefan said he was the better man in the end, guys!!

How do you talk like Damon?

Talk when you have to , and keep it short and interesting. Don’t be easily intimidated. Damon has no compunctions aggravating vampires much older than him. I’m not saying you’ll meet a lot of THOSE in your normal life, but treat bullies just the same.

Is Zach Damon’s son?

Zach Salvatore was actually Damon and Stefan’s distant nephew, but Stefan publicly referred to him as his uncle since Zach was human and appeared to be older than him.

Who was pregnant with Stefan’s baby?

You see, it turns out that shortly after their little love affair, Valerie became pregnant with Stefan’s child.

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