What Is The Point Of View In Lather And Nothing Else?

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Stories are often written from a first-person point of view, in which the narrator uses words such as I and we. ... “Lather and Nothing Else” uses an internal monologue to reveal the private thoughts and emotions of the narrator, the barber.

What point of view is just lather that's all?

The point of view of this short story is first person . The barber is telling his own story. This affects the story because it gives us great insight into the major conflict of the story. The major conflict of the story is the dilemma that is going on inside the head of the barber.

What is the tone and mood in lather and nothing else?

The mood of “Just Lather, That's All” is suspenseful . A military man arrives in the barber shop of the unnamed narrator and asks for a . The man in the barber's chair is revealed to be Captain Torres, who has ordered rebels hanged naked and has commanded that target practice be aimed at their bodies.

What is the main theme of lather and nothing else?

Key Themes

The theme in the Lather and Nothing Else is that before making a decision look at the possible consequences that could come out of that situation.

What does lather and nothing else symbolize?

Tellez shows that the lather plays a very important part in the story and how it symbolises a decision . The barber would be having a difficult time making a decision, since he was putting lather right near the great vein and that the lather was reminding him that he is a well respected.

What is the irony in lather and nothing else?

Irony. The barber thinks about murdering the Captain while he's getting a shave but decides not to. The barber later finds out that the Captain was there to see if the barber would kill him or not.

What is the conflict in lather and nothing else?

The main conflict in Lather And Nothing Else is Barber vs Society . The Barber (the protagonist) does not agree with the current government. He want change. This forces him to join the rebellion.

What is the summary of lather and nothing else?

Summary of “Lather and Nothing Else”

It's Captain Torres who has just returned from a four day search for a group of rebels. The barber is a part of this group. He prepares the lather and covers his customer with a sheet. Torres says they captured fourteen men who will pay.

What is an example of foreshadowing in lather and nothing else?

In the story, foreshadowing happens when the barber sharpens the razor while Captain Torres is in the chair . That makes the reader think that maybe the barber will use the freshly sharpened razor on the Captain's throat. The captain is vulnerable in his position. We think he might die.

Who are the characters of the story lather and nothing else?

The main characters of this story are the barber and Captain Tortes . The barber was the protagonist and Tortes was the antagonist. The barber is a revolutionary, but Tortes is the head of the military regime that is trying to void revolutionary.

What is an example of dramatic irony in lather and nothing else?

For verbal irony, what is ironic about the barber's claim that he is a revolutionary and not a murderer? For dramatic irony, the narrator and the reader know that the barber is one of the revolutionaries, but they believe that Torres does not know.

What does the razor symbolize in just lather that's all?

The razor symbolizes life or death between Captain Torres' life . The barber can either turn it slightly and it could have cut right into his throat.

What is the foreshadowing in just lather that's all?

A memory that was brought back by the protagonist (the Barber). Foreshadowing: “Just Lather, That's All” shows that the Barber prefers his duty to his job, rather than killing Torres and be a murderer.

Who is the hero in lather and nothing else?

The barber is described as a revolutionary and also the protagonist of the story. He is very indecisive on whether or not to kill Captain Torres. If he kills Captain Torres, then he would be considered a hero but he'd be hunted down. If he doesn't Captain Torres goes on doing what he does.

What literary device is used in lather and nothing else?

The short story Lather and Nothing Else by Hernando Tellez is a great of example of this. In the story, the author keeps the reader engaged and in suspense throughout the story with his choice of words, and by using literary devices such as metaphors and irony .

What type of character is the barber in lather and nothing else?

The barber is the narrator of the story. He is a man who takes pride in his work and considers himself the best barber in town. He is brave, has a great deal of self-control, and is not a person who wants to commit violence.

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