What Is The Population Of Memphis Tennessee 2020?

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Population Population, Census, April 1, 2020 633,104 Population, Census, April 1, 2010 646,889 Age and Sex Persons under 5 years, percent  7.6%

Is Memphis bigger than Nashville?

Memphis became the state’s largest city with the 1900 Census, when its population surged to 102,320 compared to 80,865 for Nashville. ... Nashville’s metro area, with a population of 1.83 million, is much larger than the nine-county Memphis area, which has an estimated 1.34 million people.

What percent of Memphis is Black?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Memphis was: Black or African American: 64.11% White: 29.23% Other race: 3.28%

What’s the population of Memphis Tennessee in 2021?

Memphis is a city on the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee. Memphis population in 2021 is estimated to be 633,885 , It has a covered area of 304.62 sq.

What type of people live in Memphis Tennessee?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Memphis, TN are Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (62.8%), White (Non-Hispanic) (25.9%), White (Hispanic) (4.46%), Other (Hispanic) (2.89%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.08%).

Is Nashville bigger than Atlanta?

Nashville is less crowded than Atlanta

Nashville has an estimated population of around 684,400 people. Atlanta has an estimated population of 472,520 people. However, Nashville covers 526 square miles, whereas Atlanta only covers 134 square miles, meaning Atlanta is far more crowded.

Is Memphis or Nashville better?

Both are rich in culture and diversity. The population in Memphis has been steadily decreasing ; whereas the booming real estate market in Nashville keeps the city growing. Nashville has continued to be one of the highest ranked U.S. cities for economic growth.

What’s the blackest city in America?

Rank City Total African Americans 1 Detroit, MI 670,226 2 Gary, IN 75,282 4 Chester, PA 26,429 5 Miami Gardens, FL 81,776

Is Memphis a poor city?

The city of Memphis has a poverty rate of 21.7% . Child poverty is 35.0%, while the poverty rate for people over age 65 is the lowest of any age group at 14.1%. Poverty in Memphis has decreased markedly for all ages and for non-Hispanic Whites and Blacks as a whole, while increasing slightly for Hispanics/Latinos.

Who is the richest man in Memphis?

Frederick Smith – Founder of FedEx Corp based in Memphis, TN. Net worth around $2.3 Billion.

What city has the largest black population?

New York city had the largest number of people reporting as Black with about 2.3 million, followed by Chicago, 1.1 million, and Detroit, Philadelphia and Houston, which had between 500,000 and 1 million each.

Is Memphis worse than Atlanta?

The city had three times the national violent crime rate in 2016, with 1,084 violent crimes reported per 100,000 Atlanta residents. Atlanta was also named one of America’s top 25 murder capitals in 24/7 Wall St.’s 2016 report, based on FBI data. Memphis’ high crime rate accounted for its ranking at No. 4.

What food is Memphis known for?

Memphis, Tennessee is arguably most famous for one thing: barbecue . The residents of this Southern town love their barbecue so much, they even put it on spaghetti. Memphis folks make some of the best ribs in America, and if you ask a local, they’ll tell you they actually make THE BEST ribs.

Is Memphis a nice city?

Have you ever wanted to live in a city where music and culture fill the streets? Then Memphis might be the perfect place for you! Not only is the second largest city in Tennessee the birthplace of rock and roll, but it also has affordable housing, great schools, some of the best barbecue, and much more.

What is Tennessee famous for?

  • Hot chicken. It all started back in the 1930s when womanizer Thornton Prince discovered his love for spicy chicken. ...
  • Country music. It’s no secret that Nashville is known for its country music scene. ...
  • Church communities. ...
  • Whiskey. ...
  • Barbecue. ...
  • Rolling hills.

What percentage of Tennessee is black?

Tennessee Demographics

White: 77.58% Black or African American: 16.76% Two or more races: 2.20% Asian: 1.75%

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