What Is The United Nations Doing To Stop Deforestation?

by | Last updated on January 24, 2024

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“Implementation of the UN Strategic Plan for by 2030 will reverse the loss of forests and increase them by 3 per cent globally and will also help eradicate extreme poverty for forest-dependent people,” said Liu Zhenmin.

How can sustainable forest management be a solution to restore the forest resources to provide integrated benefits to all?

Successfully achieving sustainable forest management will provide integrated benefits to all, ranging from safeguarding local livelihoods to protecting biodiversity and ecosystems provided by forests, reducing rural poverty and mitigating some of the effects of climate change.

Is Red Cedar sustainable?

world's most sustainable resource – not surprising to those who work with it. As one of the world's “most thoroughly researched woods,” Western Red Cedar produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, and requires less energy to produce than alternatives.

Is Roble wood sustainable?

Sourced from environmentally managed forests in Bolivia, Roble is the same colour, weight, density and durability as Oak and Teak. Ethically manufactured in our own factory, Alexander Rose Roble furniture is made using only 100% FSC pure timber and is a robust, stronger and sustainable alternative to other woods.

What is sustainably harvested wood?

What sustainably-harvested wood really means is that no one went out into the woods and chopped down a tree for its lumber with no intention of replanting. With sustainably-harvested wood, you can expect that more trees will be planted in place of the tree that was chopped down.

What does sustainable wood mean?

sustainably managed forests

Is wood harvesting sustainable?

What is sustainable harvested wood? Sustainable wood harvesting is managed forest land where forest stewards work on managing the harvest so it doesn't damage the eco-system where the wood is harvested.

How do you buy sustainable wood?

Your best option: Buy recycled If you're not sure whether the wood you're buying is really on its second life, ask the seller for proof; he or she should be able to provide documentation as to where it came from. If you can't find used wood, give recycled-plastic lumber or composites a try.

Is concrete sustainable?

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. Sustainable constructions have a small impact on the environment. They use “green” materials, which have low energy costs, high durability, low maintenance requirements, and contain a large proportion of recycled or recyclable materials.

Why is pine wood sustainable?

Pine Timber Products promotes the use of environmentally certified wood in construction. Wood not only has the best thermal insulation properties, it also costs less to build energy-efficient buildings in wood, and it has the lowest carbon footprint of any mainstream building material.

Are pine plantations sustainable?

Communities can be equally confident that radiata pine plantations and their products are renewable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The future for radiata pine forests is bright.

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