What Ship Did Convicts Go On?

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Ship Type Arrived Botany Bay
Lady Penrhyn


20 January 1788
Prince of Wales Barque 20 January 1788 Scarborough Transport 19 January 1788

What ships were used to transport convicts?


‘ is the term used to refer to the decommissioned ships that were used to house prisoners in the 18th and 19th centuries. See ‘Hulks and prisons’ for more details on the hulks and prisons which housed some of our seven convicts before their transportation. The hulks were usually decommissioned Royal Navy vessels.

What did the convicts wear on the ships?

Convicts wore

pieces of cloth,rags and different materials

. The arrows showed that convicts were the property of the British government. For cloths, they wore ,two jackets,one pair of breeches,one waistcoat,two pairs of shoes, one hat and two shirts.

Did any convict ships sink?

Loss of life due to accident or natural disaster was also rare, although there were four serious shipwrecks concerning convict ships to Australia – Amphitrite on the coast of France,

George III

on the south-east coast of Tasmania, Neva off King Island in Bass Strait and Waterloo in Table Bay, South Africa.

Was there really a ship called the Charlotte?

Charlotte was

an English merchant ship built on the River Thames

in 1784 and chartered in 1786 to carry convicts as part of the First Fleet to New South Wales. … Charlotte made an appearance in the movie National Treasure.

Who was the most famous convict?

  1. Francis Greenway. Francis Greenway arrived in Sydney in 1814. …
  2. Mary Wade. The youngest ever convict to be transported to Australia at the age of 11. …
  3. John ‘Red’ Kelly. …
  4. Mary Bryant. …
  5. Frank the Poet.

Why did the Dunkirk Hulk exist?

Originating with

the penal crisis

caused by the outbreak of war with America in 1775, the hulks were intended as a temporary expedient for housing convict prisoners, but they remained in use for over eighty years.

What did the female convicts eat?

People grew and ate flour and barley; vegetables such

as potatoes, onions, cabbages, peas, beans

, cauliflowers and so on; fruit such as apples, pears, stone fruit and small fruit, as well as nuts; milk, cream, eggs, butter and cheese; honey; and meat, mainly kangaroo, mutton, beef and pork, ham and bacon, with some …

What was the convicts punishment?

Throughout the convict era,

‘flogging’ (whipping) convicts with a cat-o’-nine-tails

was a common punishment for convicts who broke the rules. In Australia today, flogging a prisoner with a whip or keeping them locked in a dark cell for a long period of time is not an acceptable form of punishment.

What did the convicts do for fun?

What games did the convicts play? Convicts

played cards or games like chess or draughts

that required different sorts of tokens, many of which were handmade. These might have been carved from animal bones (perhaps saved from dinner) or pieces of ceramic and wood they found, or cast in lead.

Did any ships sunk in the First Fleet?

At midday on 19 March

1790 HMS Sirius, flagship of the First Fleet

, was wrecked on the coral reef off Slaughter Bay. … The Sirius’ story is in two parts: the first is of her loss, and the second of the modern day recovery of the shipwreck material.

How many convicts died on the First Fleet?

The ships departed with an estimated 775 convicts (582 men and 193 women), as well as officers, marines, their wives and children, and provisions and agricultural implements. After

43 convicts

had died during the eight-month trip, 732 landed at Sydney Cove.

Did the HMS Sirius carry convicts?

HMS Sirius has passed into Australian history as the flagship of the First Fleet, which transported convicts and their guards from England to the new colony of Botany Bay in

the late 1780s


Did the Charlotte ship crash?

Royal Charlotte was a three-masted merchant ship launched in 1819. Royal Charlotte carried convicts to Australia in 1825. On her way home to India

via Batavia she wrecked on 11 June

, but with minimal loss of life.

What makes Charlotte NC unique?

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When did Charlotte leave England?

Charlotte finally left the settlement on

8 May 1788


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