What Task Do The Franks Have At Camp Westerbork?

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Anne and Margot Frank were spared immediate death in the Auschwitz gas chambers and instead were sent to


, a concentration camp in northern Germany.

What concentration camp did the Franks take?

Anne and Margot Frank were spared immediate death in the Auschwitz gas chambers and instead were sent to


, a concentration camp in northern Germany.

What happened to Anne Frank in the camp?

Anne dies from exhaustion in Bergen-Belsen

She was deported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp with Margot. Their parents stayed behind in Auschwitz. The conditions in Bergen-Belsen were horrible too. There was a lack of food, it was cold, wet and there were contagious diseases.

What did Anne Frank do during the Holocaust?

Click here to copy a link to this section Link copied. Anne Frank was a German girl and Jewish victim of the Holocaust who is famous for

keeping a diary of her experiences

. Anne and her family went into hiding for two years to avoid Nazi persecution.

What concentration camp was Otto Frank in?

After only a few weeks in Westerbork, Otto and the others were put on train travelling to the east. This was the last train ever to leave Westerbork for the

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration

and extermination camp.

Who betrayed the Franks?

Willem Gerardus van Maaren (August 10, 1895- November 28, 1971) was the person most often suggested as the betrayer of Anne Frank.

How did the Franks get caught?

Acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the Nazi


captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse. The Franks had taken shelter there in 1942 out of fear of to a Nazi concentration camp.

Who betrayed the Frank family and why?

Miep Gies
Known for Hiding Dutch Jews, including Anne Frank and her family, from the Nazis Spouse(s) Jan Gies ​ ​ ( m. 1941; died 1993)​ Children 1

What were Anne Frank's last words?

“As I've told you many times, I'm split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy,

my joy in life

and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things.

How big was Anne Frank's attic?

Though the total amount of floor space in the inhabited rooms came to only

about 450 square feet

(42 m


), Anne Frank wrote in her diary that it was relatively luxurious compared to other hiding places they had heard about.

Who did Anne Frank go into hiding with?

During WWII, Anne Frank's family hid in the Secret Annex for over 2 years, with

the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer


How long was Anne Frank in Auschwitz?


two years

of hiding, they were betrayed to the Nazi occupiers, and she, Margot and their mother were shipped by train to Auschwitz-Birkenau in early September 1944. Two months later, Anne and Margot were transferred to Bergen-Belsen.

Did Miep Gies betray the Franks?

Gies was one of their first visitors. … For the next two years, until the Franks and four others, who later went into hiding with them,

were ultimately betrayed

, Gies and her husband used pluck and illegal ration cards to provide food and other supplies to the upstairs prisoners.

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