What Type Of Wine Goes With Lasagna?

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Pinot Noir (or call it Pinot Nero) goes well with lasagna, it is light with a balanced soft taste. It has a pleasant aroma of red berries with notes of cherry and spices dominating. It fits perfectly with meat dishes, duck, paste and dishes of Italian cuisine.

What is the best wine to serve with lasagna?

  • Beef lasagne calls for ripe, juicy red wines.
  • Try Barbera, Gamay, plus lighter styles of Carignan and Sangiovese.
  • Avoid too much oak and tannin.
  • Vegetarian lasagne fans could try lightly oaked Chardonnay.

Does lasagna go with red or white wine?

What are the best wines to add to a dinner with lasagne? If it is the bolognese version (with béchamel sauce and ragù), there is only one answer: the wine must be red – with good acidity, medium body and a soft, fruity flavor. The vegetarian or fish variants, on the other hand, ask for white, rosé or even bubbly wines.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon good with lasagna?

For a chicken or beef-based lasagna with red sauce, wines made from Sangiovese are perhaps the most ideal partner. ... Its high acidity and tannic structure can conquer the creamiest, reddest of sauces. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Italian Chianti are other popular choices to consider.

What kind of wine goes with pasta and red sauce?

Since pasta dishes with tomato sauce are acidic, it’s best to pair them with a medium-bodied red wine. A wine that doesn’t match the acidity of the sauce will make the wine taste bland. An example of the perfect red wine for a tomato-based sauce would be a cabernet sauvignon or Zinfandel .

What wine goes with vegetable lasagna?

If you need a wine to pair with Vegetable Lasagna, you could try a Pinot Noir to go with it. (PEE-noh NWAHR): A red wine with red berry, cherry, cinnamon and cola.

What goes well with lasagna?

  • Antipasto.
  • Breadsticks.
  • Tomato Feta Salad.
  • Green Salad.
  • Wedge Salad.
  • Chicken Wings.
  • Roasted Veggies.
  • Roasted Tomatoes.

What type of red wine should I drink?

  • Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet is many people’s entry point to red wine simply because it’s the most widely planted red grape. ...
  • Merlot. If you love Cabernet Sauvignon, you should try Merlot next. ...
  • Shiraz. ...
  • Zinfandel. ...
  • Pinot Noir. ...
  • Gamay. ...
  • Garnacha. ...
  • Petite Sirah.

What wine goes with spinach lasagna?

If it includes spinach or chard, a dry Italian white like a Gavi might be a better pairing while a pumpkin or butternut squash lasagna would suit a richer white such as a viognier or oak-aged chardonnay.

What red wine goes with Bolognese?

Barolo and Barbaresco are Italy’s most prized reds (they’re often called the king and queen). Both made from the Nebbiolo grape, they have beautiful aromatics and a serious acid-tannin structure that are fantastic with Bolognese.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon a good cooking wine?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red good for braising and cooking red meats in, like in Ree’s Pot Roast.

What foods go best with Cabernet Sauvignon?

  • Steak. The obvious one. ...
  • A good burger. Which is, after all, simply chopped steak. ...
  • Beef short ribs and other braised beef dishes. Slow-braised beef – or venison – can be great too especially when cooked in red wine. ...
  • Roast or grilled lamb. ...
  • Portabello mushrooms. ...
  • Cheese.

What is a Tuscan red wine?

Tuscany is one of the most famous and prolific wine regions anywhere in Europe. It is best known for its Sangiovese-based dry red wines – which dominate output. These include Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

What kind of wine do you serve with pasta?

  • Pinot Noir. Pinot noir is known for its rich, earthy undertones. ...
  • Riesling. A lighter red wine, Reisling may not seem to be able to stand up to a rich dish, but it does pair well with the main meal. ...
  • Merlot. ...
  • Cabernet Sauvignon. ...
  • Zinfandel.

What kind of wine goes with pasta and white sauce?

Creamy pasta sauces pair wonderfully with dry, unoaked white wine that can cut through the rich flavors without overpowering the dish. Rich and creamy sauces like carbonara and parmesan pair beautifully with a rich Chardonnay. These wines complement cream-based sauces and also go well with stuffed or mushroom pasta.

What alcohol goes with pasta?

  • Sangria. A sweet blend of Italian liqueurs, fresh fruit, and red wine, Sangria can complement almost every dish. ...
  • Moscow Mule. ...
  • Pomegranate Mule. ...
  • Gin & Tonic. ...
  • Wine.
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