What Was Seinfeld Originally Called?

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Season one of Seinfeld, an American television series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, began airing on July 5, 1989 on NBC. Originally called

The Seinfeld Chronicles

, the series’ name was shortened to Seinfeld after the pilot to avoid confusion with another sitcom called The Marshall Chronicles.

Why was Kramer called Kessler?

In “The Seinfeld Chronicles”, the pilot episode of Seinfeld, Kramer was originally called “Kessler”

to prevent legal issues since it was based on Larry David’s real-life next-door neighbor Kenny Kramer


Why was Elaine not in the pilot?

Though initially cast as a series regular, the character was replaced with Elaine Benes when the series was picked up for a first season. … Seinfeld has, however, stated that this was not the reason the character was removed from the show, but rather

that the producers were looking for “someone who was more involved”


Why was the show called Seinfeld?

Originally titled The Seinfeld Chronicles, the Jerry Seinfeld-led show’s name was eventually changed to just the actor’s real surname. The title was shortened

due to confusion that arose among viewers

; many thought the name was too similar to another show on air at the time, The Marshall Chronicles, so it was altered.

Is shrinkage real Seinfeld?

Science says George is right:

there is definite shrinkage


I was a biology graduate student when “Seinfeld” first hit the air. The show not only provided a welcome reprieve from a tough day in the laboratory, but also fueled fun debates among us students as to whether the inane scenarios were plausible.

Was Kramer a drug dealer?

Kramer is a drug dealer


Kramer’s lack of any obvious source of income will always be puzzling to viewers. … Drug usage would explain his frequently erratic behavior and his seemingly insatiable appetite, which sees him constantly bursting through the door to raid Jerry’s refrigerator.

What is Kramer from Seinfeld net worth?

Net Worth:

$45 Million
Born: July 24, 1949 Country of Origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: Professional Actor Last Updated: 2021

Why did Garlington leave Seinfeld?

In his book “Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia with Biographies, Character Profiles & Episode Summaries,” Dennis Bjorklund wrote about Garlington: “After the pilot, her character was dropped to add more sex appeal to the only female supporting role.” But Alexander told a more dramatic version of her exit to …

Does Jerry marry Elaine?

Though Jerry and Elaine are still in a relationship at the end of the episode, they are no longer together by the end of the season. …

Jerry and Elaine are not together

, however, by the start of the third season. Seinfeld and David decided that they had satisfied the NBC executives and went back to the original format.

Why did they change dads on Seinfeld?

After that episode, Larry David decided that the character as played by

Bruns was too laid back

, and felt Jerry should have a more crotchety dad. By the time Morty made his second appearance (in Season Two’s “The Pony Remark”), the role had been recast with Martin.

How much did Netflix pay Seinfeld?

On Oct. 1, the sitcom arrives on Netflix globally as a part of a five-year deal for

reportedly north of $500 million

, thanks to both its enduring observational humor and an escalating streaming war in which classic TV shows are being used as crucial weaponry.

Is Seinfeld moving to Netflix?

Break out the Drake’s Coffee Cakes and the Junior Mints: Netflix has set a debut date for Seinfeld. The classic sitcom, to which the streamer acquired global rights in a $500 million deal with distributor Sony two years ago, will make its Netflix bow on

Oct. 1

. The show has called Hulu home for the past six years.

Why is Seinfeld Season 1 short?

Originally called The Seinfeld Chronicles, the series’ name was shortened to Seinfeld

after the pilot to avoid confusion with another sitcom called The Marshall Chronicles

. … With only four episodes after the pilot, season one of Seinfeld is one of the smallest sitcom orders in television history.

Do they know about shrinkage Jerry?

Jerry , George Costanza : Elaine! Jerry : Do women know about shrinkage? … George Costanza : It just


. Elaine : I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.

What kind of word is shrinking?


(used without object), shrank [shrangk] or, often, shrunk [shruhngk]; shrunk or shrunk·en [shruhng-kuhn]; shrink·ing. to draw back, as in retreat or avoidance: to shrink from danger; to shrink from contact.

What is another word for shrinkage?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shrinkage, like:


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