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What Was The Athenian Treasury And What Did It Function As?

The Athenian Treasury was a votive building in the form of a reduced scale temple, designed to hold the multitude of Athenian offerings to the Delphi oracle. … The building was constructed entirely of Parian marble and had a Doric frieze decorated with 30 metopes.

What were Treasuries for in ancient Greece?

The Treasuries at Olympia were a series of small temple-shaped buildings located to the north side of the Altis or sanctuary at the site of Olympia in Greece. All but two were erected by Greek colonies to store valuable votive offerings. The Treasuries were built on a natural terrace at the foot of the Hill of Cronus.

Who dedicated the Athenian treasury?

The Athenian Treasury

[6] It was a this point where Athens became a prominent polis in the realm of dedicating at Delphi to celebrate military victory, linking to their self-presentation as an important military power in the Greek world. It is also the first Doric structure to fill its metopes with reliefs.

What was the function of a treasury at a Greek sanctuary?

Role at a Panhellenic Sanctuary

The treasury would house and protect the most durable offerings and also precious offerings that could withstand time. The Athenian Treasury is one of the more elaborate treasuries to show the prosperity of Athens.

When was the Athenian treasury at Delphi built?

The Athenian Treasury was built ca. 500-480 B.C. It stands alongside a processional route up to the temple, which held the famous Delphic oracle.

What is a metope in Greek?

In classical architecture, a metope (μετόπη) is a rectangular architectural element that fills the space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze, which is a decorative band of alternating triglyphs and metopes above the architrave of a building of the Doric order.

What was a cultural impact of the Greek civilization that appeared today?

Literature and theatre was an important aspect of Greek culture and influenced modern drama. The Greeks were known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture. Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures today.

Why was the Delian League often referred to as the Athenian League?

The League’s modern name derives from its official meeting place, the island of Delos, where congresses were held in the temple and where the treasury stood until, in a symbolic gesture, Pericles moved it to Athens in 454 BC.

What is the top of the Parthenon called?

Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, the Parthenon sits high atop a compound of temples known as the Acropolis of Athens.

Who fights in the Amazonomachy?

In Greek mythology, Amazonomachy (English translation: “Amazon battle”; plural, Amazonomachiai (Ancient Greek: Ἀμαζονομαχίαι) or Amazonomachies) was one of various mythical battles between the ancient Greeks and the Amazons, a nation of all-female warriors.

What was the importance of Artemis Orthia?

Orthia was considered the goddess of salvation and fertility, as well as the protector of vegetation and was also thought to be a suitable goddess to ensure safe childbirth. Later on, the cult was linked to that of Artemis and the temple became a centre of religious education for youths.

What is found in a Greek sanctuary?

The sanctuary would contain ‘sacred property’. This might include the utensils and other paraphernalia of sacrifice and feasting, recorded on inscriptions. These both belonged to the god and were used by the god, or his worshippers.

What was the sanctuary of a temple?

The sanctuary was the most special and important part of the temple. It was a very dark and mysterious place. Only the high priests and the pharaoh could ever enter the sanctuary. In the middle of the sanctuary stood the shrine where the statue of the god or goddess was kept.

What is in the Acropolis?

The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historical significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

What building was constructed after the Battle of Marathon?

After the victory at Marathon the Athenians began construction at the Propylaia and the building of another temple next to the old temple of Athena Polias (fertility goddess). This new temple was dedicate to the Athena Pallas, or Parthenos (virgin) and is known as the first Parthenon.

What are metopes and where are they located?

The “Metopes of the Parthenon” are the surviving set of what initially had been 92 square carved plaques of marble. They were originally located above the columns of the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Typically each metope depicts two characters in combat.