Where Can I Buy White Spruce?

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$6.09 1019740

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6-12” $6.94 1006047 in stock 12-18” $8.68 1008467 in stock 18-24” (2-2) $11.29 1010740 in stock 2-3′ $12.17 1008032 in stock

How much are white spruce trees?


$6.09 1019740

in stock
6-12” $6.94 1006047 in stock 12-18” $8.68 1008467 in stock 18-24” (2-2) $11.29 1010740 in stock 2-3′ $12.17 1008032 in stock

How fast do white spruce trees grow?

A 2′ tall potted tree should be over

8 ft tall in 5 years

in good soil, with adequate moisture and most of all, total weed and grass control using herbicides, not mulch.

Is white spruce a good tree?

The All-Around Favorite Spruce

Incredibly tolerant

and providing both ornamental and functional value in colder climates, it's the perfect tree for anyone in zones 2 to 6. The White Spruce will grow, no matter what. This tree is drought tolerant, cold tolerant and able to grow in nearly every soil conditio…

How tall does a white spruce tree get?

The white spruce grows to a height of


and a spread of 10–20′ at maturity.

What does a white spruce tree look like?


slightly curved, pale green needles

that are roughly 1⁄2–3⁄4” in length and crowded on the upper side of the stem. Yields slender, cylindrical cones that are light brown in color and 11⁄2–21⁄2” long with flexible scales. Grows in a pyramidal shape, becoming more columnar with age.

What is the difference between a white spruce and a Norway spruce?

Use the subtle differences between these two spruce species to tell them apart. Observe that

the needles of white spruce are bluish-green and up to three-quarters of an inch long

. Norway spruce has shiny dark green needles that can reach an inch in length.

How often should I water white spruce?

Give the tree

1 to 3 inches of water every week

, unless moisture comes in the form of rainfall. Watering deeply once or twice weekly is better than more frequent, shallow irrigation, as deep watering will develop long, healthy roots.

What is the fastest growing spruce tree?

The fastest-growing spruce tree, according to the Arbor Day Foundation, is

the triangular-shaped Norway spruce (Picea abies)

, which is part of many suburban home and rural farm landscapes throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.

How much does a white spruce tree grow per year?

While the majority of these coniferous tree species have a fairly unremarkable average growth rate (

between 6 inches and 11 inches per year

), the Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens glauca) are renowned for their extraordinarily fast rates of growth.

How long does a white spruce live?

It usually lives

between 250 and 350 years

, but up to 1,000 years have been seen. Its needles are about 2 centimetres long and bluish green or green in colour, with a whitish powdery, waxy layer. Cones from the white spruce are 5 to 7 centimetres long and are light brown.

How close can you plant white spruce?

Plant the white spruce seedlings

about 2.4 metres apart

for an overall stocking rate of 1,736 seedlings a hectare. White spruce seedlings are sensitive to transplanting shock.

How do you take care of a white spruce tree?

Growing White Spruce Trees

They prefer full sun and do best with at least

6 hours of direct sunlight per day

, but they are also very tolerant of shade. They like soil that is slightly acidic and moist but well draining. These trees grow best in loam but will do well in sand and even well-drained clay.

Do deer eat white spruce?

The White Spruce is an evergreen with dense foliage and needles that are blue-green in color. Very popular as a Christmas tree, the White Spruce is also

naturally deer resistant

and provides high wildlife value. …

How can you tell a white spruce?

A large tree with a narrow crown, it can grow to 40 metres tall and 1 metre in diameter when mature. Needles are four-sided, sharp, and stiff, and are arranged spirally on the twigs; whitish-green and foul


when young, they become pleasant smelling with age.

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