Where Does The Name Double Bass Come From?

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2. The origin of the name of the double bass stems from the fact that its initial function was to double the bass line of large ensembles. 3. This hefty instrument has several nicknames including contrabass, string bass, bass, bass viol, bass fiddle, or bull fiddle.

What is the double bass full name?

Double bass, also called contrabass , string bass, bass, bass viol, bass fiddle, or bull fiddle, French contrebasse, German Kontrabass, stringed musical instrument, the lowest-pitched member of the violin family, sounding an octave lower than the cello.

What are the ancestors of the double bass?

Both the viola da gamba and the violone are the ancestors of the double bass. It is generally believed that the double bass is an instrument with roots in the gamba and viol families. Today, you find a variety of double bass models that are descendants of these two significant ancestries.

What is the difference between a bass and a double bass?

The difference between a bass guitar and a double bass is that the bass guitar is smaller, it’s held perpendicular to the player’s body , it’s often amplified via a bass amplifier, and it’s played with fingers or a pick. Double basses are larger, they’re stood upright, and they can be played with a bow.

What is the point of a double bass?

The lowest of all string instruments , the double bass (pronounced “base,” not like the fish) is enormous, bigger around than the average human being. The instrument can play much lower than anyone can sing, and it provides the foundation for the orchestra’s sound.

Who is a famous double bass player?

1. Edgar Meyer (1960-) Born in Tulsa, Okla., double bass virtuoso Edgar Meyer grew up in Tennessee, the son of a public school orchestra teacher. As a bass player, he has amassed awards, including the MacArthur Award (the so-called “genius grant”) in 2002 and multiple Grammy Awards.

Is there a single bass?

The name contrabass comes from the instrument’s Italian name, contrabbasso. IMO, “the sounding pitch of the double bass is an octave below the bass clef” is the best reason offered for calling it the double bass: Its voice is in the ‘bass-bass clef’ range, although we use the ‘single bass’ clef to notate its music.

How old is the double bass?

The double bass is generally regarded as a modern descendant of the string family of instruments that originated in Europe in the 15th century , and as such has been described as a bass Violin.

What was the first bass?

In the 1950s, Leo Fender and George Fullerton developed the first mass-produced electric bass guitar. The Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company began producing the Precision Bass , or P-Bass, in October 1951.

How loud is a double bass?

Results, at the average note, were as follows: violin, 85.9 db: viola, 79.5 db: cello, 76.52 db: double bass, 75.97 db . As a conclusion, it is not the biggest instrument having the greater loudness.

How much does a good upright bass cost?

If you’re a beginner, you can start with an upright bass in the price range of $1,000 to $3,000 . And if you’re studying classical music and will be using the instrument for the long-term, you can expect high-quality upright basses starting from $3,000 and up.

What is a 3/4 double bass?

3/4 upright basses are by far the most common and popular size upright bass. ... A bass that has a back 43′′, upper bouts only 19′′ apart , but has a long neck (say... 44′′ long string length) could easily be put into both the 3/4 category or 7/8 depending on which measurement we’re looking at.

What is the lowest note a double bass can play?

The lowest note of a double bass is an E1 (on standard four-string basses) at 41.20 Hz or a B0 (when 5 strings are used) at 30.87 hertz, and the highest notes are almost down at the bridge. In many double bass concertos harmonic tones are used.

Is double bass difficult?

The double bass is a tough master – demanding strength, stamina and proper technique from its player. As the root of the orchestra, musical and rhythmic accuracy are imperative to the success of the whole – requiring plenty of practice and repetition.

What is an interesting fact about the double bass?

The double bass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra. 2. The origin of the name of the double bass stems from the fact that its initial function was to double the bass line of large ensembles.

What size double bass should I get?

The standard size for adults is a 3⁄4 double bass . A large double bass such as a 7⁄8 or 4/4 is very rare and not commonly used unless the person is very tall, 6.5′ + in height or they have unusually large hands. A general rule for children is to choose a bass one size smaller than usual violin size for age.

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