Which Country Produces The Most Cereal?

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China is the top country by cereal production in the world. As of 2018, cereal production in China was 612 million metric tons that accounts for 20.66% of the world’s cereal production. The top 5 countries (others are the United States of America, India, Indonesia, and Russian Federation) account for 54.73% of it.

Which country produces the most cereal in the world?

  • China.
  • United States.
  • India.
  • Russia.
  • Brazil.
  • Indonesia.
  • Argentina.
  • France.

Which country is largest producer of rice?

Characteristic Production in million metric tons China 146.73 India 118.87 Indonesia 34.7 Bangladesh 35.85

What country produces the most food?

  1. China. China is the world’s biggest producer, importer, and consumer of food. ...
  2. India. In terms of total calorie content, India is the second-largest food producer in the world. ...
  3. The United States. ...
  4. Brazil.

Which country produces the most pulses?

India is the largest producer (25% of global production), consumer (27% of world consumption) and importer (14%) of pulses in the world.

What country is cereal made in?

There is evidence of the cultivation of cereals in Syria approximately 9,000 years ago. Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats and Flaxseeds were all domesticated in the Fertile Crescent during the early Neolithic.

Which country produce rice in the world?

Rank Country Tonnes 1 China 206,507,400 2 India 157,200,000 3 Indonesia 70,846,465 4 Bangladesh 52,325,620

What is the rice capital of the world?

The Rice Capital of the World: Crowley, Louisiana .

Which country has the best rice?

For the third straight year, the World Rice Conference has voted Cambodian rice as the world’s best. This year Cambodia shares the award with Thailand.

Who is the largest exporter of rice?

In a data released by the Bangkok based Thai Rice Exporters Association, India has beaten Thailand to become the largest exporter of rice in the world.

Where is the richest soil in the world?

Places with the richest soil in the world are Eurasian Steppe ; Mesopotamia; from Manitoba, Canada, as far south as Kansas; the central valley of California; Oxnard plain and the Los Angeles basin; Pampas lowlands of Argentina and Uruguay.

Which country has the best fruit?

  • China – 154.364.
  • India – 82.632.
  • Brazil – 37.774.
  • USA – 26.986.
  • Spain – 17.699.
  • Mexico – 17.553.
  • Italy – 16.371.
  • Indonesia – 16.003.

Which country is best for farmers?

  1. China. China has 7% of the arable land and with that, they feed 22% of the world’s population. ...
  2. United States. The United States is known for its agriculture science and provides some advanced agriculture technology in the world. ...
  3. Brazil.
  4. India. ...
  5. Russia. ...
  6. France. ...
  7. Mexico. ...
  8. Japan.

Which country is No 1 in agriculture?

Rank Country Year 1 China 2018 2 India 2018 3 United States 2017 4 Indonesia 2018

Which country has the best soil in the world?

India has the most arable land in the world followed by the United States, Russia, China and Brazil.

Which country has no agriculture?

According to a recent World Bank report, the countries with the smallest percentages of land used for agriculture today include Suriname, Greenland, Singapore, the Bahamas, the Seychelles, and Norway .

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