Which Of The Following Are Not Forms Of Public Land Use Control Quizlet?

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Which of the following are not forms of public land use control? Restrictive covenants . it is obtained prior to the commencement of the varying use.

Which of the following is an accepted method of legal description?

The three accepted methods of legally describing parcels of real estate are: > metes and bounds . > rectangular survey system, or government survey method.

Which of the following items would usually not be shown on the plat map for a new subdivision?

Which of the following items would usually NOT be shown on the plat for a new subdivision? The answer is PRICES OF RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LOTS . Prices are not a matter of public record and are subject to constant change. They do not belong on the recorded plat of subdivision.

What is a restrictive covenant quizlet?

A restrictive covenant is. an agreement between two estate owners limiting the use of the land of one of them for the benefit of the other . There has to be 2 . estates in land (not named dominant and servient, but benefit and burden)

What is eminent domain quizlet?

Eminent Domain. – The right of the government to acquire private property, without the owner’s consent, for public use in exchange for just compensation .

What is the most important public land use control?

The primary public land-use control is zoning , where properties of the same type, such as residential or commercial, are designated for particular geographic zones. The primary private land-use control is deed restrictions, limiting what can be done on the property by the owner.

What is the name for an owner whose land is divided into two or more lots?

A subdivider is an owner whose land is divided into two or more lots and offered for disposition.

Which method of legal description is the earliest?

system of legal description is the oldest type. It relies on a property’s physical features to determine the boundaries and measurements of the parcel. A description is usually based upon a survey and starts at a designated place on the parcel, called the Point of Beginning (POB).

What are the three most common forms of legal descriptions?

There are three common methods used to describe real estate: metes and bounds, government survey, and lot and block .

What is a datum in legal description?

What is a datum in a legal description? A code indicating the date and time that a survey is recorded . An area measurement included in a plat survey .

What is an example of a restrictive covenant?

A restrictive covenant is an agreement that restricts a company or other party to a contract from engaging in certain actions. For example, a restrictive covenant entered into with a public company might limit the amount of dividends the firm can pay its shareholders . It could also place a cap on executive salaries.

What is the purpose of restrictive covenants in a subdivision quizlet?

limitations placed on the use of land by the developer of a residential subdivision. The purpose of these covenants is to preserve and protect the quality of land in subdivisions and to maximize land values by requiring the homogeneous use of the land by purchasers .

What is strict scrutiny quizlet?

strict scrutiny. a Supreme Court test to see if a law denies equal protection because it does not serve a compelling state interest and is not narrowly tailored to achieve that goal.

What are some examples of eminent domain?

Eminent domain refers to the power of the government to take private land for public use under certain circumstances. For example, the government may sometimes take someone’s house to make room for a new highway or a bridge .

When a property is taken by eminent domain What right does the owner have quizlet?

When a property is taken by eminent domain, what right does the owner have? – To be paid the appraised market value.

What is true eminent domain?

Eminent domain is the right of governments like the United States to usurp private property for public use , following fair compensation. Everything from airspace, land, and contract rights to intellectual property is subject to eminent domain if a case can be made for its public use.

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