Which Of The Following Could Be Considered Both A Renewable Resource And A Nonrenewable Resource?

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Sea water

could be considered both a renewable resource and a nonrenewable resource.

Is wheat crop both renewable and nonrenewable?

In terms of renewables, corn, wheat and rice are critical

agricultural (renewable)

commodities for a number of countries (e.g. the United States of America, member states in the European Union and Southeast Asian countries), and our sample includes them as well as palm oil, soya beans and coffee.

Which of the following could be a renewable resource?

Renewable resources include

biomass energy

(such as ethanol), hydropower, geothermal power, wind energy, and solar energy. Biomass refers to organic material from plants or animals. This includes wood, sewage, and ethanol (which comes from corn or other plants).

Can you list an example of a renewable resource and a non renewable resource?

Related Resources

Coal, one of humankind’s earliest fuel sources, is still used today to generate electricity. However, over time, there has been a shift in demand for cheaper and cleaner fuel options, such as the nonrenewable energy source of natural gas, and renewable options like

solar power and wind energy


Which of the following uses a non renewable energy source?

a wind mill a power plant a fruit orchard a swimming pool

. A power plant uses a nonrenewable energy source. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What are the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?

Nonrenewable energy resources, like coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas, are available in limited supplies. This is usually due to the long time it takes for them to be replenished.

Renewable resources are replenished naturally and over relatively short periods of time


Is Tree renewable or nonrenewable?

Trees are a natural resource that are renewed

. Since 1940, we have grown more trees each year in America than we have used for making paper, houses, books and other things we use every day.

What characteristics do all renewable resources share?

What characteristic do all renewable resources share?

Form from the remains of plants or animals

. May be used up in the near future. Have less stored energy than renewable resources.

What are the two types of renewable resources?

  • Biomass energy—Biomass energy is produced from nonfossilized plant materials. …
  • Hydropower—Hydropower is electricity produced from flowing water. …
  • Geothermal energy—Geothermal energy is heat from the hot interior of the earth or near the earth’s surface.

Is electricity a renewable resource?

Electricity is not a naturally occurring energy phenomenon like oil from the ground, but it must be created and refined at electrical power plants using other energy sources. The natural resources that create electric energy are

usually non-renewable

, with some exceptions.

What are 20 non renewable resources?

  • Oil. Liquid petroleum — crude oil — is the only nonrenewable resource in fluid form. …
  • Natural Gas. Natural gas reserves often share space with underground oil reserves, so the two nonrenewable resources are often extracted at the same time. …
  • Coal. …
  • Tar Sand and Oil Shale. …
  • Uranium.

What are the 10 examples of renewable resources and their uses?

  • Biomass Biomass or bio-energy, the energy from organic matter for thousands of years, ever since people started burning wood to cook food. …
  • Biogas. …
  • Tidal Energy. …
  • Wind Energy. …
  • Geothermal Energy. …
  • Radiant Energy. …
  • Hydro Electricity. …
  • Compressed Natural Gas.

What are renewable and nonrenewable resources give example?

A nonrenewable resource is a natural substance that is not replenished with the speed at which it is consumed. It is a finite resource.

Fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal

are examples of nonrenewable resources. … Renewable resources are the opposite: Their supply replenishes naturally or can be sustained.

Is Gold renewable or nonrenewable?

Earth minerals and metal ores like gold, silver, and iron are sometimes also considered to be

nonrenewable resources

since they’re similarly formed from geological processes that span millions of years. On the other hand, renewable resources include solar power, wind power, and sustainably harvested timber.

Is natural gas is a non-renewable source of energy?

Natural gas is

one non-renewable energy source

. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the world generates more than 66% of its electricity from fossil fuels, and another 8% from nuclear energy.

What does non-renewable mean and how do you know?


not able to be renewed

: not renewable a nonrenewable service contract especially : unable to be replaced or replenished once used … most of the natural resources that we exploit for energy and minerals are nonrenewable.

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