Why Do Crushed Up Tablets Dissolve Faster?

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The crushed tablet fizzes faster than the whole tablet. That’s because it has a greater surface area to volume ratio . That means that for the same amount of antacid (one tablet), there is more surface—or exterior—to react with the water. ... Small things have a greater surface area to volume ratio than larger things do.

Why do tablets dissolve faster when crushed?

The smaller the pieces of the tablet the faster it fizzes because the smaller pieces have more surface area. For the same amount of antacid, the crushed tablet has more surface, or exterior, to react with the water. Since the water can reach more of the tablet immediately, the reaction, or fizzing, happens faster.

Why do antacid tablets dissolve faster in hot water?

In the hot water the tablet should have more vigorously produced bubbles than in the cold water. The higher the temperature, the faster the molecules move—and the more likely it is that the bicarbonate will contact hydrogen in just the right way for the chemical reaction to occur and produce carbon dioxide bubbles.

Why do effervescent tablets dissolve in water?

In order for the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to react, they must be dissolved in water. Dissolving breaks the two chemicals into their positive and negative ions . This enables them to come in contact and react with one another.

Why does Alka-Seltzer dissolve faster in less water?

The Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolved the fastest in the 500 mL of water (Figure 4). This happened because the Alka-Seltzer tablets release carbon dioxide into the water , if there is more water, then there is more liquid to release carbon dioxide into, therefore, decreasing the dissolving time of the Alka-Seltzer tablets.

How can you make tablets dissolve faster?

We can conclude with 95% confidence that tablets dissolve 60.61 to 66.60 seconds faster in hot water than in cold water.

What factors speed up dissolving?

The rate of dissolving of a solute in a solvent is faster when the solute and solvent are stirred , the solvent is warmer, or the solute consists of smaller particles with more surface area.

Do crushed tablets dissolve faster?

The more surface area (or exposed area) results in more sites that contact water immediately, resulting in the antacid dissolving faster and the chemical reaction (fizzing) happening faster. The crushed tablet has the smallest pieces and thus the highest surface area to volume ratio, causing it to react the fastest.

What is the average time it took for the tablet to dissolve in hot water seconds?

The amount of time the tablets took to dissolve was measured in seconds, and was recorded when the tablets completely dissolved in the water. The average reaction rates in seconds for the whole tablets were 19.53 seconds for hot water, 36.15 seconds for lukewarm water, and 96.17 seconds for cold water.

Why does aspirin dissolve faster in hot water?

Think of it simply and basically: hot temperatures melts objects. The aspirin didn’t melt, but the hot water made it less solid, therefore it expanded. That expansion allowed more water to be exposed simultaneously to the same amount of aspirin , dissolving it faster.

What is the point of effervescent tablets?

Better and quicker absorption

In water, soda, and fruit juices, effervescent tablets produce a pleasant tasting solution. This is due to organic fruit acids contained in the tablets. In conventional solid tablets, compounds dissolve slowly in the stomach, which frequently delays or reduces absorption.

What happens if you chew an effervescent tablet?

Some lozenges or effervescent tablets are intended to be dissolved in a specific amount of liquid or to be dissolved slowly in the mouth. Medicine that is not meant to be cut, crushed, chewed, or altered may cause harm if it is not taken exactly as instructed on the label.

How many effervescent tablets can I take?

Dissolve the tablets in water (about 200 ml) before swallowing. These tablets are effervescent, stir before use. Adults, the elderly and children over 16 years: One or two tablets to be taken up to four times daily . Maximum dose of 8 tablets in 24 hours.

Does crushed Alka Seltzer dissolve faster?

What’s going on? The crushed tablet fizzes faster than the whole tablet . That’s because it has a greater surface area to volume ratio. That means that for the same amount of antacid (one tablet), there is more surface—or exterior—to react with the water.

Will soda make a tablet dissolve faster?

This was correct because when I was observing my data, soda had always been the fastest at dissolving at just 9 minutes . The strongest liquids were soda, orange juice, and lemonade. The weakest liquids were milk, water, and iced tea.

Can I put Alka Seltzer in hot water?

What temperature of water should I use to dissolve Alka-Seltzer Plus ® Effervescent tablets? Room temperature works best , since cold water slows the dissolution and warm water can make the product foam excessively.

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