Why Do You Want To Be An RA Answer?

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Why do you want to become a RA? Most students apply because they want to get free meals, accommodation and stipend . Or they like the RA role because it offers an easy way of blending into the community, and getting to know the other students.

How do you answer the question why do you want to be an RA?

Answer Example

“I would like to be an RA because it will help me to exercise my social, counseling, and mediation skills on a daily basis . This position immediately appealed to me not only because I love this school but because I truly care about the student body.”

What should I say in an RA interview?

Identify the three most important skills an RA should possess and explain why. How do you feel the RA position would change your lifestyle? How could you justify enforcing a policy that you yourself might not believe in? What role do you typically play with your friends?

What being an RA means to me?

Becoming a resident assistant , also known as resident adviser or RA, while in college is a great way to build personal and professional skills and save money, too. ... Being an RA is about more than saving money, though; it also entails serving as a role model for your peers and incoming students.

What do you believe is the purpose of the RA position?

The role of an RA (Resident Advisor) is to look over the resident life staff and hall residents and ensure that the quality of their experience within the institution meets quality standards .

What skills make a good RA?

RAs should also possess patience , a sense of humor, strong communication skills and the ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner.

What qualities make a good RA?

What qualities make a good RA? All of our staff is different, but some common qualities of successful RAs include leadership, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, integrity, positive role modeling, innovation, peer development, critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork , and a love for community.

How do I get a job at RA?

Earn at least 40 undergraduate credits . To become an RA, you must first earn at least 40 undergraduate credits at your chosen university or college. Many RAs start off as first year undergraduate students and then apply for the position for the second year of their degree.

What should I put on my RA application?

First, make a list of everything you’ve done in recent history . . . really, everything! Include Co-Ops, internships, volunteering, jobs, academic projects , co-curricular activities, and involvement with on-campus organizations. Then, look at the job description.

Is being an RA good for resume?

Being an RA could add a boost to your resume. Think of all the skills an RA learns: crisis-management, written and verbal communication, leadership skills , and more. These are all qualities you can effectively leverage in a job interview.

What is the meaning of RA in exam?

R.A.denotes – Result Awaited . A denotes- Absent. E.R. denotes- Essential Repeat.

How much do ra get paid?

A: All RAs are paid $2310 for the academic year . If RAs work any additional desk hours over the required 5 a week, the RA will be paid minimum wage for those hours, which is $7.25.

What its like to be an RA now?

Dorm life got kinda serious. An R.A. will typically oversee a dormitory floor or building ; they are responsible for limiting parties and helping new students settle in. ... At some schools, R.A.s are trained in how to help prevent sexual assault.

How do you put RA on your resume?

On your resume, describe your Resident Advisor experience in the same way you would describe other campus involvement and work/internship experiences. During your time as an RA, you have developed numerous transferable skills and abilities that are going to be relevant to many professions.

Is being an RA fun?

Being an RA is a challenge. It pushes you and makes you become more than you thought was possible. It isn’t always fun , but in my opinion it is worth every second. And it isn’t for everyone, but I am so grateful for who I am becoming thanks to the RA program.

Can you party as an RA?

6. You can still party , but you have to be smart about it. One of the nightmares all RAs have is seeing their resident at a house party. In that situation, we are trained to leave the party.

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