Why Does Travis Nearly Die At The End Of The Chapter?

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They needed to catch who was eating their corn. Why did Travis nearly die at the end of the chapter?

He was bit by a snake.

What happened in Chapter 7 in Old Yeller?

Travis tells Mama what Lisbeth said about Old Yeller stealing

. She suggests tying him but Old Yeller just chews through it. Travis suggests locking him in the room where Little Arliss and Travis sleep, but Mama doesn't want Old Yeller sleeping with the boys because they will get fleas and ringworm. …

How does Travis feel at the end of his first day being man of the family?


feels confident when his father leaves him in charge of taking care of the farm and the family

while he's gone.

What caused Travis and Old Yeller to sleep in the corn patch?

Travis let Old Yeller sleep with him and Little Arliss. Earlier in chapter 1. … Old Yeller and Travis slept in the corn patch and Yeller

would scent a coon and help Travis catch the coons, skunks and coyotes out of the corn patch

. Old Yeller saved Travis from the killer hogs.

Why did Travis not like Old Yeller?

Travis does not like Old Yeller at the beginning of the book

because he stole the last piece of meat from previous winter's hog butchering


What happened in chapter 10 of Old Yeller?

Travis keeps a piece of ear from every pig he marks, so that he knows if he has found all of his hogs

. He believes he has found and marked all the hogs when Bud Searcy visits and tells them about a bunch of hogs missed back in the bat cave country.

Why does Mama say they have to burn the Bulls carcass?

Mama says they have to burn the carcass

so that the sickness does not spread

. Mama harnesses Jumper to pull away the bull but the weight is too much for him and he cannot budge it. Since the carcass cannot be moved, they will have to burn it where it is.

Did they really shoot the dog in Old Yeller?

2 Answers. Yes,

those were real fighting

, but they were not really fighting. Spike, who played the role of Yeller, was trained under an animal trainer, Frank Weathermax. The fighting scenes that you see in the movie were controlled and well rehearsed before the actual shooting and they are actual animal actions …

What do we understand clearly when Travis asks his father if he's drunk?

By analyzing Travis's question,

the audience is aware that he has been exposed to his father while he is under the influence of alcohol

. Travis seeing Walter drunk is nothing new or out of the norm, which reveals that Walter has been in a depressed, intoxicated state before.

What do Travis and Mama think is wrong with spot at first?

At first, what do Travis and Mama think is wrong with spot?

They think that Spot has eaten too much pea vine


Why did his mother punish him when she found the baby copperhead?

20. Why did his mother punish him when she found the baby copperhead?

The snake could have bitten him or her and killed them.

Why does Old Yeller begin sleeping in the boy's bedroom?

Why does Old Yeller begin sleeping in the boys' bedroom? …

Sanderson saw how much the family wanted him (Old Yeller)


Who is Lisbeth and what did she reveal to Travis?

Lisbeth was Bud Searcy's granddaughter. She reveals to Travis that

Old Yeller has been stealing ribs and eggs

. More importantly she tells Travis that Old Yeller is the ‘Papa' of Miss Prissy's pups. 10.

How did Old Yeller help Travis?

Old Yeller becomes indispensable in Travis's daily routine as he hunts, tags hogs, protects the family's vegetable patch from varmints, and

defends the ranch from fighting bulls

. Travis becomes confident in his burgeoning manhood as he's able to take on more responsibilities and provides for Mama and Little Arliss.

How did Old Yeller save Travis?

Old Yeller is bitten while saving

his family from a rabid wolf

. … Old Yeller had puppies with one of Travis' friend's dogs, and one of the puppies helps Travis get over Old Yeller's death. They take in the new dog and try to begin a fresh start.

Why does the father leave the family in Old Yeller?

At the start of Old Yeller, Papa heads off for Abilene, Kansas on a lengthy cattle drive and

leaves Travis in charge of all his tasks on the ranch

. Travis sees his father as the ultimate emblem of masculinity and strives to emulate his father's actions and influence over the family.

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