Why Inscriptions Are Reliable Source Of Information?

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Inscriptions are a reliable source of information because they were written during the reign of great king ., and are still intact in their original form.

Why are the inscriptions the most reliable sources in the construction of history?

Inscriptions compared to manuscript of texts, have advantage of durability . Hence Inscriptions are one of the most important sources of history especially of ancient times. The inscriptions throw a sudden light and provide magnificent information about the time, place and situation connected with the inscriptions.

How inscriptions are more reliable for writing history?

1. Inscriptions are the archaeological source which has more reliability for writing history. 2. Since these inscriptions narrate the events of the concerned period and have a direct relationship with those events, they seem to have more reliability than the other sources.

Why are inscriptions important to us?

Inscriptions are the writings on stone, metal or some materials as an important historical source . These are valuable historical evidence of the existence and activities of early kings and empires. They also provide detailed religious practises.

What type of source is the inscription?

Primary sources include original manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, memoires, photographs and film footage, statistics and legal records. Primary sources may also include drawings, posters, inscriptions on monuments or tombstones, and writings by observers.

Which source has more reliability for writing history for Class 8?

Ans: – The primary source like literature sources and archaeological source has more reliability for writing history.

What are the four types of archaeological sources?

There are four types of archaeological sources: inscriptions, monuments, artefacts and coins .

What is the source of history answer?

Primary sources may include diaries, letters, interviews, oral histories, photographs, newspaper articles, government documents, poems, novels, plays, and music . The collection and analysis of primary sources is central to historical research.

What are the two types of literary sources?

There are three kinds of literary sources namely religious, foreign and secular accounts . Literary sources remind us of our ancestor’s social, political, economic, cultural & religious activities. In nature, most of the ancient manuscripts are religious.

What materials were used for writing in the past?

Ancient writers wrote on a variety of other materials besides papyrus, including pottery, animal hides, wood, and even ancient paper . There was, to a certain extent, a progression over time from the use of papyrus to parchment and later, paper.

What are the limitations of inscriptions?

(i) Sometimes the words engraved are very faint hence it is very hard to decipher them. (ii) Sometimes the inscriptions are damaged. Many words are lost due to their damaged hence we are not able to get the proper meaning. (iii) It is not easy to find out the real meaning of the inscription.

How do inscriptions help us to study the past?

Inscriptions help the historians to place the Historical periods in a proper time . b. Inscriptions tells the methods of life which the peoples used to follow in the past. ... Inscriptions provide valuable and definite information for the different aspects of History of different periods in different regions.

How inscription is a source of history?

Inscriptions are considered most reliable source of ancient history as they are generally devoid of myths and narrate the facts. ... It also includes paleography that is the study of ancient writing.

What are the two main sources of history?

There are two main types of sources of history- primary and secondary sources .

What type of source is an inscription on pillar?

Explanation: The study of the writings on ancient inscriptions and records is called palaeography . Inscriptions are seen on rocks, pillars, stones, slabs, walls of buildings, and body of temples. They are also found on seals and copper plates.

What are the 3 historical sources?

Materials used to study history can be classified into three types: primary, secondary and tertiary sources . Print sources, such as books or journals, are commonly used sources, but a source could also be recorded music or video, Internet sites or physical objects.

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