Why Is Peer Pressure Harmful?

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Peer pressure is the influence from members of one’s peer group. ... Peer pressure in high school is both harmful and effective because it can lead to teen depression, high stress levels, negative behavior issues , and poor decision-making and outcomes.

What are the negative effects of peer pressure?

  • pressure to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.
  • pressure to engage in risk taking behaviours.
  • distraction from schoolwork.
  • distance between family and existing friends.
  • drastic changes in behaviour and attitudes.

What is the effects of peer pressure?

Negative peer pressure can also affect mental health. It can decrease self-confidence and lead to poor academic performance , distancing from family members and friends, or an increase in depression and anxiety. Left untreated, this could eventually lead teens to engage in self-harm or have suicidal thoughts.

Why is it important not to give to peer pressure?

You may not consider all of your peers to be friends, but they can all influence you. ... When you give in to negative peer pressure, you often feel guilty or disappointed with yourself for acting in a way that goes against your beliefs or values.

Is peer pressure is harmful or beneficial?

Peer pressure can certainly be beneficial . It can motivate someone to do something that they may not otherwise have had the strength or willpower to do. It can also help them to make a decision based on the input of those in similar circumstances.

Why is peer pressure so powerful?

The pressure to conform (to do what others are doing) can be powerful and hard to resist . A person might feel pressure to do something just because others are doing it (or say they are). Peer pressure can influence a person to do something that is relatively harmless — or something that has more serious consequences.

What is the main cause of peer pressure?

Peer pressure is pressure or influence from a person’s peers. Peers are often described people of the same age group or social group. ... The causes of peer pressure include the need to fit in, low self-esteem, fear of rejection, and at most time the need to feel safety and security from peers .

What are the 4 types of peer pressure?

  • Spoken Peer Pressure. This involves a person directly asking, suggesting, persuading, or otherwise directing a person to behave a certain way or take action in a specific manner. ...
  • Unspoken Peer Pressure. ...
  • Direct Peer Pressure. ...
  • Indirect Peer Pressure. ...
  • Negative/Positive Peer Pressure.

At what age is peer pressure most common?

In a Temple University study addressing the relationship between age and resistance to peer pressure, researchers found that children are the most vulnerable to peer pressure between the ages of 10 and 14 .

How can peer pressure affect you spiritually?

Peer pressure either has a negative effect or a positive effect, but peer pressure should not affect the Christian in spiritual matters . ... When a person surrounds themselves with people they know will encourage them and help them make smart decisions in their lives, thats when peer pressure can be a positive thing.

What does unspoken peer mean?

2. Unspoken Peer Pressure. With unspoken peer pressure, a teenager is exposed to the actions of one or more peers and is left to choose whether they want to follow along . ... Because of this, many teens are more susceptible to influence from older or more popular friends.

How do you say no to peer pressure?

  1. Just say no. ...
  2. Give a reason why it’s a bad idea. ...
  3. Make a joke. ...
  4. Make an excuse why you can’t. ...
  5. Suggest a different activity. ...
  6. Ignore the suggestion. ...
  7. Repeat yourself if necessary. ...
  8. Leave the situation.

How is peer pressure good?

Why positive peer pressure works

Areas of the brain associated with reward are more active when they are with peers , giving them a lot of positive feedback when they are being observed or interacting with others. For the same reason, they also learn more quickly in the presence of their peers.

Is peer pressure good for self development?

Peer pressure can benefit your child in umpteen ways, shape their personality and lead them to make right choices in life. It can develop their poor self esteem and expose them to new and challenging environments. ... A constructive, goal setting, positive thinking group of peers are indeed good for self development .

How does peer pressure affect the family?

Peer pressure and influence can be positive . For example, your child might be influenced to become more assertive, try new activities, or to get more involved with school. ... Peer pressure and influence might result in children: choosing the same clothes, hairstyle or jewellery as their friends.

How peer pressure can affect an innocent soul?

How badly peer pressure can affect an innocent soul? Sometimes peer pressure can change a good person into a bad person . There have been several incidences in the past where an innocent person in the company of bad friends, got addicted to bad habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs etc.

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