Why Is The Banker Afraid That He Will Be Ruined Forever When The 15 Years Is Complete?

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Why is the banker afraid that he will be ruined forever when the 15 years is complete? He is afraid he will be ruined be because if the lawyer survives he will take the bankers last 2 million , he is no longer a millionaire . The banker was going to murder the lawyer, this shows the banker does not live up to his word.

What can we tell about the banker's lifestyle?

The banker values personal pride, power, material possessions, and money . In all things, the banker is a powerful man. He would choose the death penalty as being the most humane simply because it would be better than dying by degrees.

Why does the banker feel that he will be ruined quizlet?

Why is the banker grateful that the lawyer escaped? Because he had lost a lot of money in the past 15 years through and the Stock Exchange , so giving the lawyer $2 million would ruin him.

What happened fifteen years ago in the short story the bet?

Fifteen years later, the banker is near bankruptcy from gambling on the stock market . If he pays the lawyer for winning the bet, he will be ruined. His only escape from his tragedy would be to kill the lawyer. ... Taking this idea as the bet, it was shown at the end of the story that the lawyer lost the bet.

Why was the banker afraid of honoring the bet?

In “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov, the banker calls the bet “cursed” because when he originally made the bet with the lawyer, he was extremely wealthy, and now he no longer is . He had millions of dollars fifteen years ago when he and the lawyer bet two million dollars, and that two million was nothing to him.

How much sleep do investment bankers get?

A widely-reported recent survey of first year analysts at Goldman Sachs revealed that they work on average more than 95 hours per week, and sleep around 5 hours each night. Across the industry, average investment banker hours are between 70-85 hours per week .

Do investment bankers get holidays?

Investment banking analysts and associates notoriously work very long hours . With respect to benefits, what many respondents told us, among other things, is that although working remotely is increasingly being encouraged, using vacation days isn't. ...

What does the banker feel that he will be ruined?

Answer: The banker feels that he will be ruined after the bet because he is no longer rich . By losing the bet, he will have to pay the lawyer 2 million.

Why does the lawyer say he will stay not five but fifteen years?

The lawyer states that the life sentence would be preferable , but the banker calls his bluff, saying that he couldn't stand five years in prison. The decision by the lawyer to raise the stakes is meant to prove his point that a life sentence would be preferable to a death sentence.

What is the bet between the lawyer and banker?

They agreed to a bet: if the lawyer could spend fifteen years in total isolation, the banker would pay him two million rubles . The lawyer would have no direct contact with any other person, but could write notes to communicate with the outside world and receive whatever comforts he desired.

Why was the old banker walking up and down his study?

In Chekhov's short story “The Bet” the old banker is pacing up and down his study, worrying about the immanence of his financial ruin. ... He is due to win the bet and claim the money which the banker can ill afford . This is why the banker is pacing his study, brooding on the matter and trying to think of a way out.

How does the lawyer's 15 year imprisonment affect the banker?

How does the lawyer's 15-year imprisonment affect the banker? The banker wishes that he had required the lawyer to stay imprisoned for longer . The banker comes to realize that he was wrong about his stance on life imprisonment. The banker mourns the life and experiences that he has deprived the lawyer of.

What did the lawyer do in the last two years of his confinement?

The prisoner, a young lawyer, spent the final two years of confinement reading. He read books on topics such as philosophy, religion, science, literature, and medicine . The banker recounts that the young lawyer read avidly and voraciously, incessantly moving from text to text.

What does the banker think when he sees the lawyer sleeping at the table?

In “The Bet,” when the banker sees the lawyer sleeping at the table, he thinks that the lawyer is a pitiful figure , and he feels sorry for him. This alone, however, does not deter the banker from his plan to kill the lawyer.

Why did the lawyer look terrible and much older than his forty years?

It calls for speculation. For plot purposes, the lawyer had to be in poor physical condition because he was considerably younger than the banker . The banker plans to kill him in order to get out of paying him two million roubles.

What made the banker weep?

the banker wept after reading d notes of the lawyer because he decided to suffocate the lawyer to death as he cannot afford to pay him as now he is in situation of bankruptcy ND the two millions can save his condition so why he would give it to the lawyer ND when he finds d letter in which the lawyer has written to God ...

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