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Will There Be A Season 7 Of Empire?

Due to the epidemic, the sitcom had to limit itself to 18 episodes. However, going there we always knew that Season 6 would be Empire's final season. So, it looks like Empire season 7 has officially been canceled.

How many episodes will season 7 of Empire have?

The sixth and final season of “Empire” was scheduled to run for , however, the production shutdown caused by the pandemic meant that only 18 episodes could be completed. The result is that the final three episodes, including what will now be the series , will air on April 21 on Fox.

Why is Empire being Cancelled?

In separate statements, Empire creators/executive producers Lee Daniels and Danny Strong addressed the abrupt ending of their show due to the coronavirus pandemic while holding out hope that they could film a proper finale one day. In light of the situation in the U.S., there are no current plans for that.

Is star coming back in 2021?

5/10/2019 Status Update: Star has been cancelled by FOX; there will be no season four.

Will there be another season of Empire in 2020?

EmpireOriginal release September 24, 2019 – April 21, 2020Season chronologyList of episodes

Is there a spin off of Empire?

Fox has opted not to proceed with a spinoff of its signature drama series Empire that centered on the larger-than-life character of Cookie Lyon, played by Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson.

Is Empire still on the air?

The series centers on the fictional hip hop music and entertainment company Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders' family as they fight for control of it. It stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. … The season premiered on September 24, 2019 and the series concluded on April 21, 2020.

Is Empire ending for good?

“Empire,” Fox's Shakespearean drama about a hip-hop mogul and his family, came to an abrupt end Tuesday following a six-season run punctuated by successful highs and unanticipated lows.

Is Empire Cancelled for good?

Empire's proper series finale will never see the light of day. Fox announced late Tuesday in an on-air promo that the show's 20-episode sixth and final season will conclude on April 21, with Episode 18 now serving as the show's swan song.

What happened to the ending of Empire?

By the closing minutes of the Empire series finale, titled “Home is On The Way,” two characters had died, and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Lucious (Terrence Howard) had reunited . … Yana realizes that Lucious' heart is still with Cookie and the pair break-up in amicable terms with a friendly hug.

What happened to Davis on Star?

Davis is temporarily taken away by Child Protective Services after Star goes to jail and Noah's toxicology report comes back inclusive, but when the test turns out to be wrong, he is given back to his dad, Noah & his half-aunt, Simone.

How many episodes of Star are in season 3?

Season Episodes1 122183 18

Did Empire end on a cliffhanger?

Empire wrapped its six-season run on Tuesday with a final episode that carried with it a giant asterisk. … According to Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney, the ill-fated 20th episode (aka the original series finale) was going to wrap up both cliffhangers, as well as bring resolution to a number of other dangling threads.

What should I watch after Empire?

  • Vinyl (2016)
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  • Shameless (2011-) …
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  • Succession (2018-) ‘Succession' follows almost a similar premise as that of ‘Empire'. …