How Much Is Travis Pastrana Signature Worth?

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Traded items with a signature of Travis Pastrana In average, an autographed item from Travis Pastrana is worth $49.99.

Who is Travis Pastrana wife?

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkinsm. 2011

How tall is Pastrana?

6′ 2′′

Has anyone died at Pastranaland?

Has anyone died at Pastranaland? SAN FRANCISCO — Action sports star Erik Roner, known for his role on MTV’s “Nitro Circus,” died when he struck a tree while skydiving for the opening ceremony of a golf event in Northern California on Monday, authorities said.

Who owns Nitro Circus?

Travis Pastrana

Do they still do Nitro Circus?

Nitro Circus is coming back to North America in a big way in 2021, with more than 26 shows across the United States and Canada. The cities and dates are still being finalized with event promoter Indigo Road Entertainment, our new U.S. touring partner.

What is Nitro Circus worth?

Nitro Circus has an estimated net worth of about $1.29 million.

How much do Nitro Circus riders get paid?

Nitro Circus Live Usa average salary is $158,038, median salary is $110,000 with a salary range from $49,275 to $500,000. Nitro Circus Live Usa salaries are collected from government agencies and companies.

Who is the best Scooterer in the world?

Known by the name Kota Schuetz, as well as his nickname The Machine, Dakota Schuetz is considered the top scooter rider in the world.

Is Ryan Williams the best scooter rider?

That is to say, Ryan Williams merits the 2nd place of the best scooter riders in this era. And he lands many world firsts. For example, he has landed Double flair, Front Flip Inward Bri Flip, Backflip to Hang 5, Double Front Flip, Cash Roll, Cork 1080, and some more.

Who does Ryan Williams ride for?

His talent was undeniable, and despite having to overcome the stigma that comes with riding a scooter, Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus family were beyond impressed. Now part of the Nitro Circus family, R-Willy is one the most versatile and exciting athletes in action sports.

What is Ryan Williams net worth?

Ryan Williams Net Worth – $700,000 Ryan Williams is an Australian YouTuber who runs his own self titled channel. He has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

How famous is Ryan Williams?

Williams, in 2019, purchased 40-acres of land in his native Sunshine Coast to build a large action sports facility for Australian athletes to train. Williams named it “R-Willy Land”....Ryan Williams (BMX rider)

Is Ryan Williams the best BMX rider in the world?

It was a craft he developed for a decade and a half, and now Williams, more commonly known as R-Willy, is considered the world’s premier scooter rider. Across scooter and BMX disciplines, Williams has claimed seven gold medals in big air and best trick events at both X Games and Nitro Circus.

What deck does Ryan Williams ride?

Nitro Circus RW Ryan Williams Signature 500 Scooter Deck – Gold.

What BMX does Ryan Williams ride?

20 inch Hyper Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Jet Fuel BMX.

How tall is Ryan Williams cm?

At 26 years old, Ryan Williams height is 6 ft 9 in (205.7 cm).

When was Ryan Williams born?

22 June 1994 (age 27 years)

Who has the lightest BMX bike in the world?

Lightest BMX Freestyle bike on earth. What does it take? Ricky Veronick’s 15.2 lbs custom Ti bike check.

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