What Is The Dumbest Fish In The World?

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Dumb gulper shark Order: Squaliformes Family: Centrophoridae Genus: Centrophorus Species: C. harrissoni

Why is the sunfish so useless?

They included: the sunfish's “useless” heavy body which can weigh up to 2,250kg (5,000 pounds), their lack of swim bladders (which fish generally need to control their buoyancy so that they don't rise to the ocean's surface), and the fact that they're not even considered food by predators, which instead choose to chew ...

Why are ocean sunfish so weird?

All known sunfish have an unusual pseudo-tail that contributes to their vaguely oval-shaped appearance . Most fish possess caudal (tail) fins at the end of their spinal columns. Bass, sharks, sturgeons, and the vast majority of other fish use these things to propel themselves forward.

How did sunfish evolve?

Fossil jaw parts of the genus Eomola suggest the Molidae family descended from coral reef sometime in the middle Eocene– roughly 40 million years ago (Santini and Tyler, 2002). Since their first appearance, sunfish have spread into every tropical and temperate ocean.

What's the point of sunfish?

Strong swimmers, keen sunbathers

Sunfish are the ultimate sunbathers – they can spend a lot of time on their sides on the water's surface soaking up the sun's rays. They do this to regulate their body temperature – after a deep dive into icy waters, they spend time on the surface to warm up.

How do sunfish not get eaten?

The sunfish stay in schools to protect themselves from predators. Once they are large enough, they isolate themselves. ... The sunfish sees these as jellyfish and tries to eat them. The bag can become stuck in their throats or their stomachs which can prevent them from eating.

Are sunfish aggressive?

Take the green sunfish for example. Superficially, they resemble a bluegill. However, if a sizable population of green sunfish becomes established in your pond, you can usually expect small fish size and very aggressive fish that bite swimmers .

Do sunfish feel pain?

Summary: Fish do not feel pain the way humans do, according to a team of neurobiologists, behavioral ecologists and fishery scientists. The researchers conclude that fish do not have the neuro-physiological capacity for a conscious awareness of pain. Fish do not feel pain the way humans do.

Are sunfish friendly?

The common name ‘ocean sunfish' comes from the Mola mola's habit of lying atop the surface of the ocean appearing to sunbathe.” These fish usually reach at least 1,000 kg. ... In contrast to the infamous white shark, however, the Mola is a curious, friendly fish that poses little or no danger to humans .

Do sunfish jump?

Sunfish have been observed leaping as high as 10 feet into the air in hopes that their splash landing may dislodge some of the unwelcome guests that burrowed into their skin.

How deep do sunfish live?

Sunfish generally hang out at depths of 160 to 650 feet , but they can dive much deeper on occasion. In one study, scientists recorded a sunfish diving more than 2600 feet below the surface.

Why is it called a sunfish?

The ocean sunfish is a very large, oddly shaped fish that gets its name from his habit of floating on its side, at the sea surface, warming itself in the sun.

What is the biggest fish?

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) earns the name “whale” solely because of its size. Just as the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is the largest living mammal*, the whale shark is the largest species of any fish, known to reach more than 40 feet in length.

What eats a jellyfish?

The main predator of jellyfish is other jellyfish, usually of a different species. But jellyfish also have a number of other natural enemies that like to eat them. These predators include tunas , sharks, swordfish and some species of salmon. Sea turtles also like to eat jellyfish.

Can you eat an ocean sunfish?

The flesh of the ocean sunfish is considered a delicacy in some regions , the largest markets being Taiwan and Japan. All parts of the sunfish are used in cuisine, from the fins to the internal organs. Some parts are used in some areas of traditional medicine.

Why are sunfish so big?

This research may also point to why the sunfish are so big. A large body helps them adapt to their hunting environment because they lose heat slowly . The discovery is a reminder that the deep sea is “still a frontier” said Nakamura, and increasing observation of the ocean depths is the only way to unlock it secrets.

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