What Was The Main Factor That Strengthened The Economic And Political Power Of The Chola Empire?

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Land revenue and trade tax

were the main source of income. The Chola rulers issued their coins in gold, silver and copper.

What was the main source of income of the Chola rulers?

Land revenue and trade tax

were the main source of income. The Chola rulers issued their coins in gold, silver and copper.

What was the main contribution of Cholas to the Indian history?

1. He

built the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur

, one of the largest Hindu temples. 2. During his reign, the texts of the Tamil poets Appar, Sambandar and Sundarar were collected and edited into one compilation called Thirumurai.

Why did pandyas fight Cholas?

At the beginning of the common era, southern India and Sri Lanka were home to three Tamil dynastic chiefdoms or kingdoms, each ruled by kings, together called “muvendar.” The Pandya, Chera, and Chola dynasties ruled over the Tamil people during ancient and medieval India, fighting

among themselves and other forces for

What were the main export items in Chola maritime trade?

The exports from the Tamil country included

pepper, pearls, ivory, textiles and gold ornaments

, while the imports were luxury goods such as glass, coral, wine and topaz. The government provided the essential infrastructure such as good harbours, lighthouses, and warehouses to promote overseas trade.

Who finally finished the Chola dynasty?

Pandya King Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan

finally finished the Chola dyansty.

Who is the greatest Chola king?

Rajaraja Chola I and Rajendra Chola I

were the greatest rulers of the Chola dynasty, extending it beyond the traditional limits of a Tamil kingdom.

Who is considered as most powerful Chola king?

The most powerful ruler of the Chola Empire is

Rajaraja l.

He is remembered for reinstating the Chola power and ensuring its supremacy in south India and Indian Ocean.

Who was the most powerful Chola ruler Class 7?

Rajaraja I

, considered the most powerful Chola ruler, became king in 985 and expanded control over most of these areas. He also reorganised the administration of the empire.

Who defeated Pandyas?

Pallava king Nandivarman III

(r. 846–69 CE) was able to defeat the Pandyas and Telugu-Chodas (and even the Rashtrakutas) with the help of the Gangas and the emerging Cholas.

What happened Cholas?

From 1216 the Hoysala kings obtained lands in the Chola country,

former Chola feudatories threw off their allegiance

, northern powers intervened, and the upheaval facilitated the Pandya conquest of the Chola country in 1257. The Chola dynasty ended in 1279.

Who is powerful Chola or Pandya?


occupied South East Asian Countries and had the most powerful army and navy of the world at that time. Pandyan Kingdom was located in Tamil Nadu, South India. It started around 6th century BC and ended around the 15th century AD.

What was the main source of income of the state in Sangam age?

The chief source of state’s income was

land revenue

while a custom duty was also imposed on foreign trade. Major source of fulfilling the royal treasury was the booty captured in wars. The roads and highways were maintained and guarded to prevent robbery and smuggling.

Did Cholas conquer North India?

The Medieval Chola emperor Rajendra Chola I led an expedition to North India

between 1019 and 1024

. … The Chola army eventually reached the Pala kingdom of Bengal where they defeated Mahipala. The Chola army also defeated the last ruler of the Kamboja Pala dynasty Dharmapala of Dandabhukti.

What were Kadagams?

Garrisons. The army was stationed throughout the country in the form of local garrisons and in


called Kadagams. After the troubles in the Pandya country, Kulothunga Chola I stationed his army in a number of military colonies along the main route to Pandya from Chola lands.

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