What Were The Punishments In Ancient Greece?

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The standard punishments in ancient Greek and Roman societies were

death, SLAVERY, mutilation (CORPORAL PUNISHMENT), imprisonment, or BANISHMENT

. Some punishments were especially creative.

How were crimes punished in ancient Greece?

The few examples of punishment in Greek are:

Exile was common punishment for homicide and ostracism for the political crime

. 100 drachms was a fine for committing rape. The punishment for murder was executed by throwing the culprit in Baratheon Rhaphanidosis.

What are the 5 different forms of punishment during ancient times?

  • Scaphism.
  • Poena Cullei. …
  • Immurement. …
  • Gibbeting. …
  • Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering. …
  • Execution By Elephant. …
  • Sawing. …
  • Lingchi (Slow Slicing) …

What was the worst punishment in ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, serious crimes were punishable by



How were people killed in ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece people condemned to death by the court

were executed either by taking hemlock or by being thrown over a precipice or, finally, by death “on the board’

. … According to later lexicographers the execution was performed with the help of the “tympanon” (= drum), a wooden death instrument.

What are the ancient punishments?

The standard punishments in ancient Greek and Roman societies were

death, SLAVERY, mutilation (CORPORAL PUNISHMENT), imprisonment, or BANISHMENT

. Some punishments were especially creative. … In some cases the process of death was drawn out.

What is the oldest form of punishment?

The earliest form of punishment was

private revenge

, in which the victim or the victim’s kin retaliated for injury and the community did not interfere. The problem was that private revenge often escalated into blood feuds that could continue for many years until one or the other family was completely wiped out.

What was the worst punishment in the Middle Ages?

Perhaps the most brutal of all execution methods is

hung, strung and quartered

. This was traditionally given to anyone found guilty of high treason. The culprit would be hung and just seconds before death released then disemboweled and their organs were then thrown into a fire – all while still alive.

What were some of Zeus punishments?

  • Zeus Chained Prometheus To A Rock Where An Eagle Would Eat His Liver Every Night. …
  • Zeus Bound Ixion To An Eternally Burning Wheel. …
  • Demeter Cursed Erysichthon With An Insatiable Hunger. …
  • Apollo Flayed Marsyas Alive, Then Turned Him Into A Stream. …
  • Hera Transformed Lamia Into A Monster.

Who is the god of punishment?


(Ancient Greek: Τάνταλος: Tántalos) was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his punishment in Tartarus.

Who is the most cruelest Greek god?




was the Titan father of the Olympian gods and goddesses. To know why he is on this list of the worst Greek gods, we must first start from the beginning. Kronos was the son of Ouranos, who turned out to be a cruel and unjust leader who was particularly awful to his wife and Kronos’s mother, Gaia.

Who is God of death in Greek?


, in ancient Greek religion and mythology, the personification of death. Thanatos was the son of Nyx, the goddess of night, and the brother of Hypnos, the god of sleep.

Why was a coin placed in the mouth of a dead person?

In Latin, Charon’s obol sometimes is called a viaticum, or “sustenance for the journey”; the placement of the coin on the mouth has been explained also as

a seal to protect the deceased’s soul or to prevent it from returning


Who was the most tortured person in history?

Junko Furuta
Body discovered 29 March 1989 Kōtō City, Tokyo, Japan Occupation High school student Known for Murder and torture victim

How were criminals treated in ancient times?

For minor offenses, this might include

a severe beating

, being flogged or branded on the forehead. More severe crimes might receive a punishment of putting out the eyes, ripping out the tongue, or cutting off ears. The death penalty included being buried alive, impaling and, of course, crucifixion.

What is the weirdest punishment in the world?

  • Stoning: This is a form of execution by torture where the individual who throws the deadly stone cannot be identified. …
  • Strappado: The accused is strung up by the wrists, behind the head. …
  • Gridiron: The accused is grilled or roasted.
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