Who Died Adler Or Bell?

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The Soviet told Bell that Adler fled into the building. They managed to find Adler who was fatally wounded. Adler asked Bell to hand him his lighter so he can light a cigarette one last time. Whether Bell chose to or not, Adler was killed by them and the officer revealed his identity as Perseus.

Does Adler always kill bell?

Adler could never trust Bell after all the things that the CIA has done to brainwash him. So Bell’s death was absolutely certain . In the worst-case scenario, Adler kills Bell because of Bell’s betrayal. Adler expected Bell to side with them, as the scene shows, Bell chose to go with Perseus instead.

Does Adler kill you?

The way to stop Adler from killing you is to fight him, unfortunately. If you don’t resist, he will shoot and kill you .

Is Adler a bad guy?

Russell Adler is the villainous deuteragonist and final antagonist of the 2020 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the secondary antagonist in Call of Duty: Warzone 1984 storyline, an a supporting character in the Call of Duty: Mobile comics.

Why did Adler shoot Bell?

Bell was an ex-Soviet who learned a lot of American secrets, even if he had been converted the CIA didn’t trust him to not defect back to Perseus and the Soviets, so Adler shot him to prevent that .

How do you kill Adler?

Adler will have retreated inside a nearby building. When you find him he is wounded – he asks for a light and then tries to stab you – fight back and you plunge the knife into Adler’s chest , killing him.

What happens if you don’t listen to Adler?

Repeatedly disobeying Adler in the final stretch of the level also awards the “The Red Door” Trophy/Achievement. The level will begin with Bell hearing Perseus’ warning.

Is Adler brainwashed?

A brainwashed agent of Perseus himself , Adler had been using the same cruel techniques that were once used on Alex Mason in the 1960s. The process works, and while players can choose a bad ending where they get revenge on Adler, the canon ending sees Bell assisting the CIA until the very end.

What happens if u lie to Adler?

If you choose to lie to Adler and his team, the final mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s campaign will change from being The Final Countdown to Ashes to Ashes . ... After lying for example, you have limited time in the hub to send a message in order to set up an ambush.

What did Adler Do stitch?

After mounting a deadly assault on his CIA safehouse, Stitch lured Adler and his team into a trap within a New Jersey mall , revealing himself amid dozens of Nova 6 canisters ready to be deployed around the world.

Should I tell Adler the truth?

To get the good ending, simply tell Adler the truth, that Perseus is at the Solovetsky Monastery . This will lead to you playing the Final Countdown mission for the finale.

Is it better to save park or Lazar?

It’s primarily a preference , but it doesn’t hurt to have two save files where you saved Park and another where you save Lazar. Alternatively, if you choose neither, you’ll leave both of them to die.

Should I lie to Adler Cold War?

To get this ending (maybe you just want to get back at Adler after he kills you for no reason in the ‘good’ ending), all you have to do is lie to Adler when he asks you where Perseus is . Say Duga, and you’ll take your squad over to the wrong location.

Should I kill or capture Volkov?

If you decide to kill Volkov, you simply have to shoot him . Adler shows up and agrees with your actions but Agent Park is upset with you and is angry as MI6 could have used more information from Volkov. This choice impacts the end. Good guy ending is to kill Volkov, bad guy is to not kill him.

Did Adler kill Bell in Cold War?

In the non-canonical endings where Bell chooses to stay loyal to Perseus, they lie by telling Adler to head to Duga, where the team will be too far away to stop Perseus from activating the nukes. ... If Bell refuses to kill the team, Bell is executed by Adler but the nukes will still go off.

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