When Did GMC Stop Making The Envoy?

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GMC Envoy Production 1997–

Model years 1998–2000 2002–2009 Assembly United States: Moraine Assembly (Moraine, Ohio) United States: Oklahoma City Assembly (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (XL and XUV models only) Body and chassis

Is GMC bringing back the Envoy?

Forget about the 2021 GMC Envoy, General Motors in not bringing back the crossover SUV based on the pickup any time soon.

Is GMC Envoy a good car?

The Envoy is

without doubt the best vehicle I

have owned in nearly 50 years of driving. It retains good resale value, has good gas ; some of the best towing capability for it's class, and has been extremely reliable. I now have 127,000 miles on it and have looked for a low mileage 2009 SLT as a trade…

What's the last year they made the GMC Envoy?

The Envoy's final model year was in


. It had already been joined in the GMC lineup by the eight-seat Acadia crossover; a new five-seat GMC Terrain crossover arrived in the 2010 model year.

What problems do GMC Envoys have?

  • Air Compressor for Rear Air Springs May Fail. …
  • Fuel Level Sensor Failure. …
  • AC Blower Inop Due to Failed Resistor. …
  • CD Player In Radio May Fail. …
  • Cooling Fan Clutch May Fail Causing Noise and Check Engine Light. …
  • Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue. …
  • Worn Valve Seats May Cause Engine Misfire.

Is there a 2021 GMC Envoy?

2021 GMC Envoy: Denali, Electric, XL – 2021 – 2022 SUVs and Trucks.

Why did GM discontinue the envoy?

GM first eliminated the seven-passenger GMC Envoy XL in 2006. It discontinued the Chevy Trailblazer EXT SUV at that time

too as gasoline prices inched toward $3 a gallon

, stalling SUV sales. … GM said it will cut production of five sedans in 2019: Chevrolet Impala, Cruze and Volt, plus Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac CT6.

How many miles will GMC Envoy last?

With proper maintenance it can last from

150,000 to over 400,000 miles

. Without proper maintenance You will be like to get between 75,000 to 100,000 out of it. To properly take care of the Envoy You should follow the recommended maintenance schedule for the vehicle which should be listed in the owner's manual.

What is the rating on a GMC Envoy?

GMC Envoy Ratings Overview

The average rating is

a 4 out of 5 stars


Are GMC Envoys good in snow?


Envoy is stable, dependable

and with automatic or full time 4 wheel drive it plows through snow and ice covered roads well. Most of the time it turns around in the drive with 5-6 inches of fresh snow without 4 wheel drive engaged.

What is the difference between a GMC Envoy SLE and SLT?

The SLE package offers cloth seats, whereas the

SLT package offers leather seats

. Vehicles equipped with the SLT package have a CD player and a power driver's seat, whereas the SLE models generally do not.

What replaced the GMC Jimmy?

Following the release of the Chevy Blazer in 1969, GMC introduced their own upscale version of the model in 1970. Its name? The GMC Jimmy. The Jimmy continued as a member of the GMC lineup until 1991, when the full-size Jimmy was replaced by

the Yukon


How much is GMC Envoy?

A two-wheel-drive 2009 GMC Envoy SLE's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts just

over $31,000

, while the SLT trim starts around $34,000. A fully-loaded four-wheel drive Denali tops out around $43,000.

Do GMC Envoys have transmission problems?

They're often easy to notice. 2006 GMC Envoy transmission problems can show up as

shifting delays, grinding or jumping during acceleration

, a feeling of shakiness, or whistling noises and a burning smell coming from under the hood.

Why does my 2002 GMC Envoy shake?

Any unusual shaking or


forces coming from the engine is cause for concern. It could be something as simple as old spark plugs producing an uneven power delivery, it could be something serious like worn or broken engine mounts, or it could be even more serious in the case of internal engine damage.

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